Dæmoness 7-string Cimmerian build (lots of exotic wooden poarn = not 56K friendly)

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Thread: Dæmoness 7-string Cimmerian build (lots of exotic wooden poarn = not 56K friendly)

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    Dæmoness 7-string Cimmerian build (lots of exotic wooden poarn = not 56K friendly)

    Hi everbody! This is to be my first post on here, but I didn't want to trick you out of some good ol' fashioned guitar build porn!

    So I got in touch with Dylan about April last year after I had been drooling over his amazing work for quite some time and after seeing a particularly sexy piece of bubinga at gilmer that I thought would make a beautiful guitar. While I was at it I also snatched a nice rosewood neck blank and some snakewood binding strips.

    So Dylan then receives the woods and sends me this

    Neck blank, binding strips and body blank.

    Really amazing figure in the bubinga!

    Some nice patterns in the rosewood too!

    Then about three weeks ago right out of the blue I receive these pics in my mail

    Needless to say it got me super stoked - it had finally begun!
    Also turns out the neck blank is the first thing to come out of the new Dæmoness workshop. Must mean extra mojo I recon

    Today Nolly posted on his Facebook page that he was gonna visit the Dæmoness workshop and, besides catching up with Dylan and seeing his new workshop after being gone for a long time, snap some photos of the current works in progress (cue stokedness at my part!). Rightly so, when I logged on FB tonight this is what I saw (more pics below)

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    Just looks straight up ridiculous!

    Smooth heel. This heel design is also seen on the "Flesh Failure" Hadian.

    Love how the 12th fret block is split

    The snakewood is a super sexy detail for sure

    Since the entire guitar is oiled the logo is inlaid. We agreed on aluminum and as an extra spice Dylan, which I have only just found out myself, also added an really thin iron outline around the letters! This man's precision is unreal!

    The grain figuring on the headstock is pretty much unlike anything I've come across before in rosewood!

    From the top

    I cannot believe how good it looks. Everything just seem to blend together perfectly. There are just so many subtle details in the design and the wood itself that makes it really come alive (even in the pics, though they are also really well taken Thanks Nolly!).

    All along Dylan has been super awesome to work with. Super helpful and also with some really awesome ideas that makes the guitar way cooler than it would have been if it was just what I had come up with on my own. I've really enjoyed collaborating with him on this.

    He reckons it should be done really soon, maybe even in a couple of weeks, which is way faster than the usual build time. This is because he build this one solo as opposed to in the usual batches of 5 since he was awaiting materials for the other builds to start and also to get the hang of the new workshop with just a single guitar.

    Anyways, once I get it I'll of course make a NGD. In the meantime, enjoy the pics and here are the specs:

    25.5" 7-string Cimmerian with contemporary carve. Oil finish on the entire guitar.
    Figured bubinga body, chambered
    Set-neck, 5pc honduras rosewood with ebony fillets and carved heel. Modified Dæmoness "Flatbacker" neck profile
    Reversed Dæmoness standard headstock, scarf jointed, with figured bubinga face
    Malagasy ebony fingerboard with offset block inlays. Neck and headstock are bound in snakewood
    Bare Knuckle Holydiver bridge VHII neck
    Hipshot bridge and locking tuners
    Earvana nut
    Recessed Dunlop straplocks
    Ibanez JPM-style control layout with 3-way toggle. Tone control is push/pull and puts the PUs in parallel mode

    Just to sum it all up this is how I feel right now:

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    Holy fucking shit that is amazing.


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    oh my fuck that is GORGEOUS!

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    Holy hell, that looks amazing.

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    Damn, Dylan really does churn out the poarn. That fretboard

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    Wow, very nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blankplank View Post
    Holy fucking shit that is amazing.
    ^This. So much this.
    Congrats, dude!
    "Sometimes you have to confront your own patterns and expectations of yourself and do away with things that you enjoy doing in order to move forward and keep evolving as a musician. That's exactly the definition of the word progressive of course." —Steven Wilson

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