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    NGD: Washburn Content

    I know that this can't possibly compare to Mr. Filigolahililala's guitar, the DC800. (I'm sorry your name is insanely difficult to remember.) But, I picked up a guitar I've wanted for years at a killer price. Can't complain eh?

    What you see here is an X50, soon to have a set of Dimarzio Dominions in it, and possibly black hardware. I dunno yet.

    Dat front.

    Dat quilt.

    Dat ass.

    Because truss rod covers are for pussies.

    And the family of Washburns so far, minus the WR150 in the hospital

    Please excuse my shy WG587.


    I love it. Can't say much more but I will because you'll make me.

    Sound: I love the sound of mahogany in the morning. And the afternoon. And night. It's my first mahogany guitar since I traded away my C-1 back in the day, and I gotta say, I missed that growl. The guitar resonates like a sonuvabitch too, which I love, since I do like to play unplugged a good deal of the time. The stock pickups have a nice sound to them, but I will be changing them out as earlier stated. It also has coil taps, which is one of my favorite features on any guitar. It gets an absolutely badass sound when coil tapped. I can nail some Audioslave tones with it, which just makes me all tingly.

    Feel: This thing weighs nothing. Which surprised me. I was expecting a heavy guitar, due to the mahogany, but this thing can't weigh more than 6 pounds, and I absolutely love it. The neck is a tad thick, but it's thinner than my X-40, which is nice because I don't always like giving it the baseball grip. Playing it is absolutely effortless, and I couldn't be happier with it.

    My only issue so far as been a dead fret, and the occasional buzz here and there. But hey, for 170 bucks, can't complain .



    Body: Mahogany with a quilt maple top (Real I think)
    Neck: One piece mahogany
    Tuners: Grover's I think. Cannot be arsed to dig it out of its case at the moment.

    S'got a tune-o-matic on it as well.
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