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Thread: Custom design help (8 string fan fret plan)

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    Custom design help (8 string fan fret plan)

    I am very indecisive on what I want out of a guitar and seeing as I have no time to build guitars any more, so I am heading down the custom route.

    So I wanted to make this build my main guitar and my current interceptor 828 as my back up and hopefully the new guitar would be easier to play and sound better

    I decided that RAN looks like my kind of guitar company seeing as they do odd shapes for lots of their instruments and they have knowledge of 8 string fan fretted guitars.

    Current specs (sure):

    - ESP f series body shape

    - Conklin 8 string headstock

    - Aftermath angled (set) (spoke to BKP the other day and they said they have almost done sorting the tooling for angled 8 string PUPs)
    - Ebony fret board
    - 5 piece neck maple flamed with ebony strips and carbon reinforced rods for strength (I want the neck to be very solid feeling)
    - It will be gloss green burst body and headstock, Back of the neck will be left clear and satin. Hoping to get it this green burst

    Unsure specs:
    - Fan fret either 29.5"-27" or 29"-27" or 29"-26.5"
    Currently use a 28.625 scale and I like it however, I want a few chord to be a bit easier and the ability to tune lower if I want. So 29.5"-27" was my preference but, I am worried with will start to sound very bass like. Any recommendations?

    - Neck joint completely up in the air, I have very minimal preference I like the character of both neck thru and bolt on. May go for set neck to get a bit of both and I was thinking if I went for a set or bolt on neck with a longer scale it should remove some of the fundamental of having a longer neck and give it back a more guitar like tone.

    - Body wood, I am generally not a fan of warm sounding woods mahogany, ash etc... so I'm thinking alder which should be very clear and give a full frequency range. Anybody had experience with Alder and low tunings? Because, I am concerned about aesthetics as well I want a flame maple top which hopefully with aftermaths shouldn't be too harsh. Any other suggestions for tops?

    I have yet to contact RAN (don't want to waste their time) and I am planning on working my ideas out a bit then contacting RAN in summer which I should have enough to place the deposit. Also does anybody know the turn around times at RAN?

    Sorry for the huge post. Any suggestions would be helpful

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    You're indecisive, yet you want to spend a couple thousand dollars on a guitar thats customized to YOUR specs?

    I am here:

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    You can never be sure when ordering a custom. Like you can never be sure when buying a guitar online. You can only be sure when you plug it in and play it and that's not really possible with 8 string fan fretted instruments.

    I know currently what I want a fan fretted 8 string with an esp f body and currently no guitar I have seen on the market is going to be perfect. The closest is RAN FF8 crusher but, it has a mahogany body and if I start changing the body materials and thinking about adjusting the pickups, the body shape etc... then it's going to be a custom. So I might as well design the whole guitar myself and get exactly what I want.

    So I am asking other peoples opinions and if they have had experience which could help me.

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    The other thing is that a slanted BKP 8 will be made to a specific fan (if it's made with pole pieces). I think you should be fine with a 2 or 2.5" fan, but you'll want to see what the BKP fan will be so you have your pickups on the correct slant. Otherwise you'd be better off using a blade 9 string pup.

    And I second the notion that a custom is best purchased when you know what all the specs are, just to make sure you don't end up listening to a bunch of others who don't necessarily have experience or similar tastes to yours.

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