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Thread: Some more Vik (in progress)

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    Some more Vik (in progress)

    OK, this is still in the build stages but I can't hold back any longer and there is enough to show off now too.
    My second Vik and after Vik showed off the top he had I pretty much had to have it.
    I had ideas in my head that I wanted swamp ash and a snakewood fingerboard, and then Vik offered my the Brazilian rosewood fingerboard too and it's all fallen into place nicely.
    Suffice to say, one of the more extravagant builds you are ever going to see.

    Initial specs
    ViK model: Duality 7
    strings: 7
    scale: 652mm
    frets: 24
    neck/body system: ViK ISNC set-in
    fingerboard: snakewood
    neck wood: brazilian rosewood
    body wood: swamp ash
    top wood: burl redwood
    headstock shape: new "split" reversed 7
    fretwire type and gauge: stainless steel/jumbo
    binding: contour
    binding type: BE maple with black 0,5mm stripe
    inlays: glow in the dark side dots
    hardware color: black(cosmo black)
    bridge: Hipshot fixed
    tuners: Gotoh 510 locking 7 in line reversed, plastic buttons
    pickups: ViK custom pickups (snakewood/redwood burl bobbins)
    controls layout: vol /3 way toggle switch/ mini swith for coil-tap
    knobs: Gotoh speed black
    strap buttons: dunlop straplocks
    color: natural
    finish: satin

    Premium swamp ash body

    Snakewood fretboard

    Brazilian (!) Rosewood neck

    and last, but not least by any means, this insane redwood burl top. UNF

    Top glueing after long deliberation about the bookmatch by Vik

    cutting and more glueing




    routing and shaping

    At this point Vik and I discussed for a long time the binding that was going on this, it was originally birds eye but I like flamed maple bindings he put onto some other guitars so much I kinda wanted that. Vik toyed with a few ideas, such as flamed bubinga IIRC, different configurations with the different plys and I said that Vik should do as he feels best because he clearly knows wtf he is doing.
    He came up with a FIVE-ply flamed maple binding which is just insane, it was originally 4-ply and then he went ahead and added another accent black strips between the body wood and the maple of the binding. amazing.

    Body shaping! He couldn't help himself and had to immediately shape the body. I sure as fuck am not going to complain!

    omg that top

    shaping done!

    and this is where we stand as of today!
    I'll update the thread as much as possible. Vik had some awesome ideas regarding the bobbins for the pickups, but you'll have to wait and see. Suffice to say it will go very well with the body binding

    I cannot wait to hold this guitar in my hands!

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    Quote Originally Posted by petereanima View Post
    Ditto! That top is outrageous dude! And the binding is sweet. The black veneer on the bottom of the binding is such a nice touch

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    Redwood Burl is the secks, I'm in que for a hollowbody Duality.

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    Just kidding! That is going to look incredible!

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    This thread is full of win!! That top looks AWESOME!

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    Holy shit! That's gonna be awesome!

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    I checked these out on his facebook Needless to say I had to change my underwear This looks unbelievable!

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