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Thread: Adding weight to a guitar

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    Adding weight to a guitar

    Anybody tried this? Did some googling earlier out of curiosity and saw that some people tape lead fishing or wheel weights to the sides of the control cavity to add some weight and help counteract neck dive. I also found some sites selling some overpriced solutions like a strap with a pocket for a weight or a tungsten bar that you install under the back strap button for 50 bucks a pop.

    I suppose it'd be pretty easy to sew up some kind of pocket on the inside of a strap and throw however much weight you need in there. Just wondering if anyone here has done anything of this nature.

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    i usually use leather straps with 2 spots for strap pins. I've never needed to, but I always figured I could lengthen the strap, use the pin on the inner hole, and tie a weight to the other
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    It might not add much weight to the guitar, but I read an interview with a luthier who puts cast lead or metal plugs under the bridges of guitars. He says it really adds sustain. Could make the guitar a little heavier too I suppose. Semi-related!

    Here's the article, it's a read!

    Luthier Interviews: Richard Stanley - Guitarsmith | Dinosaur Rock Guitar

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    Not done with this article yet but what a read!

    A couple of stories that I remember, one player who would arrive at a session, thumb through the score going, "hmm, hmm", then toss the score aside, sit down and cut his track perfectly in one take. Another cat who was similarly capable but always seemed to be watching his score was found to have a copy of Playboy magazine, open to the centerfold, covering his music stand while he played.
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