NGD- Start of the another epic couple weeks!!!

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Thread: NGD- Start of the another epic couple weeks!!!

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    NGD- Start of the another epic couple weeks!!!

    Just realized I forgot to post this one up here for you guys to check out!
    This will be another epic NGD-few days!

    So, i didn't need it, but my buddy has my other Collings 290 on tour right now and he insists I am not getting it back, so I snagged this one. Quickly becoming one of my Favorite guitar companies, these are solidified in the main racks. My go to Standard and Drop D guitars. Extremely versatile, and as usual, Collings' workmanship is flawless. Sporting Lollar P90s. Here ya go, will do a proper photoshoot later, sorry it is dirty, just got done playing it and wanted you guys to see it! These pics do it no justice. Pardon also my Fiancee's feet. I think she was trying to see how close to a Collings she could get them before the feet got the ruler!

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    That's a cool guitar, but that case is NICE

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    I dig that guitar man, nice score!

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    I got to check out a bunch of Collings at the Dallas International Guitar Show this weekend, they were fucking amazing. All of them.

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    Fuckin sweet case bro.

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    Dat toe!!

    You are a lucky man, sir.
    Hands are the voice...

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    That guitar looks awesome. And the P90s probably SCREAM! I heard a P90 recently in real life, and damn, it's perfect for pin and rock. Do you use this for metal too?
    Do you know what time it is? It's time to FARK SHEET ARRRRRP!!

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    Very nice take on a Les Paul Junior. I bet that thing snarls.

    I've been wanting to get a Junior for awhile, though I wouldn't be willing to pay Collings prices for one.

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