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    Best Strings

    Hey guys,

    Im not sure if this has been posted before. I did a search on the forums and I couldnt find this specific subject.


    What strings do you use? What strings do you consider the best and why?

    For me so far, it has to be Either Dean Markley Blue Steal or DR Tite-Fit.

    As for the Blue Steal's for me, they are super reactive to active pup's.
    That is super great for an extended sustain that fades evenly into harmonic feed back.

    Pros: Long sustain and even feedback control.

    Cons: Initial brilliance of a fresh set usually dies after the 5th tuning.

    The DR Tite-Fit strings retain their brilliance and intonation far longer than any other set of strings I have ever played. Im not jumping on the hand wound bandwagon, but the proof for me, is always in how long the freshly strung tone remains.

    Pros: Long lasting freshly strung tone for many tunings.

    Cons: Thickness of the strings are affected by the hand winding which reduces the fatter tones of the bass strings.

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    I prefer D'Addarios. But I recently have been trying out new strings to see how I like them. Most of the time I go back to the D'Addario's though

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    "after the 5th tuning"

    I'm too poor to even buy different kinds of strings to tell what I like.

    I've used D'addario for 5 years. Have used Ernie Ball and Dean Markley but like I said, I've never A/B'd a whole bunch of brands. I want to though!
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    I've used Ernie ball for yrs..used a few sets of d'addario lately cos I got a bunch cheap.. I didn't like them. They made my fingers black after only little use.. I got a couple of sets of rotosound with my les Paul and I think I'm gonna stick with them. They sound and feel great.

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    Rotosounds are the only strings I use. 10 to 56.

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    Elixirs. The Nanowebs may not sound 100% like untreated strings brand new, but they're damned close, maybe 90-95%. And, they stay there for months - I have a set on my strat now that I've logged a couple hours of playtime a day for two weeks that sounds brand new, and a couple of months on my UV that still sounds pretty fresh as well, certainly far better than most strings after even almost a week.

    They also feel a little smoother to the touch which I like, and produce noticibly less string noise.
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    I like D'Addario. They sound really bright and tight to me, so I go with them.
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