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Thread: Old J-custom or new J-custom

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    Old J-custom or new J-custom

    Well, im gonna buy a J custom since i have the extra dollars sitting around. I was wondering If the older ones are better than the Jcraft models with the vine inlay. From what i here they are worth the money and cant wait to have one in the collection.

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    I haven't played any newer ones but certainly haven't heard anything but great things. I'd just spend sometime looking for whatever has the features closest to what you want.

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    Older J-Customs are awesome, sure. However, the build quality of my old CST wasn't outrageously better than any of the newer J Customs I've played - in fact, honestly, I had a 1527 whose fretwork I thought was a little better than that J-Custom's.

    The premium you pay for the old J-Customs comes mostly from their scarcity. The CTs were maybe a run of 48, and the CST was probably 18 to 24. An 8527 was produced in much larger numbers, meanwhile.
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    That Drew, and I believe the only huge difference would be the trems that come with the old vs. new. If you fancy the lo-pros/edge pros, older is the way to go while the new ones have the zeros with the ZPS systems. I agree though on the fretwork and finish. New ones seem just as good, if not a tad bit better. My CST though very nice, isn't grandeous by any means.
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    I had a couple of the older ones, and none of them really blew me away. They were practically perfect, but for someone else if you get me.

    Honestly if you have that kind of cash to add an extra guitar, I would strongly suggest getting a semi-hollow like a 335 or Heritage 555 or a full hollow jazz box and really put a new wrinkle in your collection.

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