is it true that if you play scalloped fret guitars for too long...

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Thread: is it true that if you play scalloped fret guitars for too long...

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    is it true that if you play scalloped fret guitars for too long...

    that it's hard to go back to normal?

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    I own a YJM Strat which is my main player, but it's absolutely fine switching between scalloped and non-scalloped.

    I also have no idea where this notion that scalloped necks are more difficult to play than non-scalloped necks came from either, because it was the exact opposite for me. In fact, I don't even think about it; all I notice is that I have more control over my vibrato on the scalloped neck.

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    That's good to hear. One of my next purchases will be a YJM strat because I've always wanted to try a scalloped board.

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    I played one scalloped guitar, an Ibanez S7 of some variety, and it's neck was scalloped from 12-22. I found it extremely easy to play, and it still makes me want to order the same setup from Warmoth at some point.
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    I used to jam on the YJM all the time at the shop I worked at. Wasn't any huge adjustment necessary to play it.

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    I would imagine that unless your fret hand is just a death grip, it wouldn't take a ton of adjustment other than maybe a few minutes of reacclimation time.

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    How much are the YJM strats? I've never seen one in a store. So they have the normal thick Strat neck?

    I'm thinking about getting a project guitar and scalloping from 12-24. I figure this will be a good mix, and chords and stuff down lower will still be normal but for my attempts at shredding solos I'll have the benefits of of scalloped frets.

    I played a custom Ibanez the other day that was like this. The neck had also been shaved and was as thin as my cell phone at the first fret. It was the craziest thing I'd ever seen, and the first time I have thought "this neck may be too thin."

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    I have an ESP Horizon 27 and its scalloped from the 12th fret the only perceivable difference i feel is that you need less pressure when fretting on the scallops compared to the regular part of the board.

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