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Thread: Shadow humbucker frame tuner

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    Shadow humbucker frame tuner

    Saw this in Mark Day's video:

    SH HB-T: E-Tuner im Humbucker-Rahmen

    A little expensive (50 squiggles / 80 Liberty Currencies) but pretty damn cool.

    The Shadow SH E-Tuner HB responds quickly and precisely and thanks to its chromatic functioning allows for all conceivable alternate tunings, including open tunings. Its multicolored LEDs are unfailingly easy to read, even in very bright surroundings, and its operation thanks to single-button turn-on and automatic shut-off is entirely straightforward.

    In addition, there is little reason to worry about battery life: with a maximum power usage of 6mA, a single button cell lasts through roughly 2000 tunings of approximately one minute each. This battery is located in the electronics compartment of the guitar within a protective shell (included with the device); replacement of the battery, when necessary, is a snap and can be accomplished in practically no time at all.

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    Wait.... what?

    A pickup ring tuner? That's actually pretty cool!

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    Right at the end of Mark's vid here:

    Late Night Whisper Volume Jam VIDEO AxeFx2

    7:30 or so. Looks cool as hell, too.

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    I wanna try out one. Looks like they are for sale overseas.
    Not 9 EMGs

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    These are the ones on the lp ultra 3. They seem pretty cool. I grabbed the ultra 2 so I got the shadow nanomag pickup but no tuner. I didn't know they were sold separately..might grab one

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    That's kinda nifty!

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    that is quite cool. can't tell for sure, but it doesn't seem to come in lefty :'(

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