NGD: Mayones Regius 8 White to Blue Fade (Review, Pics and Soundclip!)

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Thread: NGD: Mayones Regius 8 White to Blue Fade (Review, Pics and Soundclip!)

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    NGD: Mayones Regius 8 White to Blue Fade (Review, Pics and Soundclip!)

    Hey guys,
    So here is my Mayones Regius 8 String.
    Specs are:
    - Basswood wings on neck-thru construction
    - 11-ply Maple-Mahogany-Amazakoe-Wenge Neck
    - Quilted Maple top
    - Standard binding
    - Luminlay side dots
    - BKP Aftermath 8 pickups
    - White to Blue fade on the top, matte finish
    - Matte finish on body and neck
    - Hipshot Fixed bridge w/ GraphTech saddles
    - Sperzel Locking tuners
    - 1x Vol + 1x Petrucci style switch.

    Having played a fair share of 8s i would say that this is definitely one of the clearest 8s i have played thus far. The low strings are extremely well defined and the notes tend to bind well together tonally, making even an F# power chord "purr" clearly.
    A lot of attack as well, probably in large part due to the Aftermath pickups, which are well balanced across the board as usual, pretty much necessity with ERGs.
    Cleans sound pristine and clear, and between the 3 way switch and the volume knob which can be pulled to coil tap, you can get a vast array of tones to feed to your clean channel.

    The neck on this particular model has to be one of the best 8 string neck profiles out there. It is probably the thinnest neck i have seen on an 8 as well, it has been fairly stable since it arrived here, so let's hope that keeps up on tour, thin necks can be troublesome on the road. The 11ply construction would definitely aid that, though.

    The fit and finish of the instrument are top notch, as one would expect from Mayones. They really have been delivering as of late. A truly unique instrument with a monstrous presence and sound, and a gorgeous interpretation of the White to Blue fade i described to them, never seen anything quite like it before!

    All in all, very happy with this instrument and how it came out.

    Some Pics (lighting sucked hard again, did my best to bring the colors out accurately):

    And here is a clip i quickly whipped up so you could hear it in action:
    Mayones White/Blue Fade Regius 8 String Test Clip by iambulb on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    Hope ya dig!

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    holy hell man that finish came out awesome, btw how many blue guitars are you going to get?

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    Wow that is an absolutely stunning instrument! The finish looks like nothing from this world! I think I have a new favorite blue... pelham blue is far inferior to this. Specs are awesome too! I've never heard of 11-ply guitars before

    Someday I will have to get a custom 7 string tele with this or a similar finish Thanks for dropping a GAS bomb ^^

    What kind of fretboard is it btw?
    I study geology cause now I hang out with people that like rock ^^

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    Do you ever worry about getting used to top-quality instruments?

    "Oh, another custom shop guitar in the mail..."

    "FUCK...another FUCKING boutique guitar I need to go and pick up from the post office."
    "That RD is one ugly fucking guitar, and I made the CrabClaw!" - Elysian

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    I love the look of this. I've never been able to get on with Mayones (but I've only tried a few) but it's great to hear just how good they can sound

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    That top looks great

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    That is absolutely beautiful.

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