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Thread: Newbie with a NGD

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    Newbie with a NGD

    Hey guys.Since i have to start posting from somewhere i just thought i should show off my new Stinnett M6 custom.

    Some of you might have seen it already in or the caparison forum.

    Here are the specs:

    Stinnett M6 body shape with C headstock
    25.5” scale
    Mahogany body with highly figured quilted maple top and matching headstock
    Maple/Walnut 5 piece set neck
    Ebony fretboard with custom red epoxy EKG inlay
    EMG 89 bridge/SA neck with double battery mode
    Tonepros TOM bridge with strings through body
    Nitro finish
    Oiled neck

    The more i play, the more i love it.
    The neck is just awesome.

    Enough said...PICTURE TIME

    From my own shitty camera

    and the pro ones from Stinnetts website

    ¯\(°_o)/¯ How do shred???

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    Oh my


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    Ibanez RG2228, RGD2127Z, RGA121 // Fractal Audio AxeFX II // Avatar V30 2x12

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    Wirelessly posted (like MAGIC!)

    Wow… awesome!

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    Wow! That's pretty sharp!

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    That's a nice looking guitar!!

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    That is saweeeeeeeeeet

    Welcome to the forum

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    Beautiful! Classy guitar man. I love everything about it!

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