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Thread: Narrowed my options down to these 3

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    Narrowed my options down to these 3

    As per my other thread, I'm on the hunt for a new 7 string to replace the one I'm selling. I've narrowed it down to these 3 options as they are the only guitars that meet my criteria given the time and money constraints.

    Pros and cons of each one:

    Pros: There's one for sale right now, very good price for its condition (brand new, guy is only selling it due to 7 strings not being his cup of tea). It's nearly half price, with a case. I'd probably swap out the 707's for my favourite 81-7 60-7 combo.

    Cons: It's a Dean. I always said I'd never buy a Dean because of their name-trampling and profiteering from Dime's death. Not to mention they are ridiculously over priced. However, I'm almost willing to make the exception because of the great feedback I've heard about this particular model, and because of the timing (the fact that it happens to be available right now at that price).

    Pros: This is the guitar I've had my eye on for a long while now but never been able to scrape the money together. I still can't, but is it worth the wait? I love the idea of the wood combination, and the tonal qualities are very similar to what I chase in a 7 string sound anyway. I'm also very attracted to the 26.5" scale (but no longer than that).

    Cons: Very rarely pop up second hand so I could be without a 7 string for a while. Even if I bought new I'd have to wait a month or two to scrape the rest of the bones together to put with the sale of my 7 string. There's one available right now for the exact same price as the aforementioned RC7x, but the guy sent me pics of the trem and it's in a really bad state. Discoloured and tarnished, like it's been left out in the rain. Must have alien sweat.

    Pros: Cheap as fuck. Will have money left over for upgrades.

    Cons: Where do I start? I hear so many horror stories about the QC issues that it's almost not worth the price advantage. Not to mention their no returns policy on international sales. I could end up with a complete lemon and be out of pocket without a leg to stand on. There is a solution however; get it shipped to an American friend first so they can check it over before forwarding it on to me. But, again, I could be in for quite a wait. Especially if one has to be returned.

    something to note: For no reason at all, I bought a set of 7 string Blackouts the other day. They were ridiculously cheap so I just bought them for the hell of it. If I score the RC7x, I will probably take the 81-7 and 60-7 from the guitar I'm selling and swap with the blackouts (if that is ok with the winning bidder of course, as they are currently advertised with the EMG's), and then replace the 707's in the Dean with the above combo, as I think they will sound better than the Blackouts in that particular guitar. However, if I go for the Loomis, I'll probably put the Blackouts in there, as I think it will be a better tonal match than the 707s for such a bright guitar.
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    Of those options, I'd say hold out for the Loomis.

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    Loomis for sure

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    Sorry, can't vote for McDonald yellow-maple fretboard of the Loomis.
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    The variable you left out is the neck on the Cooley. I love a thin neck but from what I've heard/seen, that thing is BEYOND thin. I hypothesize you'll get hand fatigue from something that different from the rest of your guitars.

    The Loomis, spec-wise and in execution, is perfect. Acoustically probably my favorite 7-string I've played and the neck shape/thickness is a happy medium. That's got my vote.
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    Get a noodles.

    I've only played the Loomis and it was too bright for me personally, but then it might well work perfectly for you and since you're the one getting the guitar...

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    none. The loomis neck is a rounded 2x4.

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