Belated Dæmoness 7-string Cimmerian NGD (56k is a no go)

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Thread: Belated Dæmoness 7-string Cimmerian NGD (56k is a no go)

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    Belated Dæmoness 7-string Cimmerian NGD (56k is a no go)

    Hi guys

    So I've finally gotten around to do an NGD on this beast. Although you're probably already familiar with it from the Guitar of the Month contest, I didn't want you to miss out on some more pics
    (Even more pics here:

    These ones were taken by my bassist Thomas Isbrandt on a sunny day

    An attempt to catch the curly ebony in the neck:

    And here are a couple with its contestant the KxK:

    25.5" 7-string Cimmerian with contemporary carve. Oil finish on the entire guitar.
    Figured bubinga body, chambered
    Set-neck, 5pc honduras rosewood with ebony fillets and carved heel. Modified Dæmoness "Flatbacker" neck profile
    Reversed Dæmoness standard headstock, scarf jointed, with figured bubinga face
    Logo is inlaid in aluminum and iron
    Malagasy ebony fingerboard with offset block inlays. Neck and headstock are bound in snakewood
    Bare Knuckle Holy Diver bridge VHII neck
    Hipshot bridge and locking tuners
    Earvana nut
    Recessed Dunlop straplocks
    Ibanez JPM-style control layout with 3-way toggle. Volume knob os push/pull for coil splitting and the tone control is push/pull for series/parallel.

    I can honestly say that this is the best sounding guitar I've ever played
    I wanna thank Nolly and Tim at BKP for the recommendations. The pickups definitely deliver and then some!

    When I first got it I just couldn't believe how powerful it resonated and how long it sustained. Harmonics sing and especially pinch harmonics last noticeably
    longer than on any of my other guitars. I guess it's true that bubinga has a lot of sustain and the amazing rosewood/ebony neck sure lends a helping hand too!
    The tone, oh my god. It sounds HUGE! It's got this enormous, super tight low end (really comes through when playing the 7th string especially) and it just roars with power. Lovely! Distorted, big chords still ring really clear and leads are juicy all over the neck. Overall it's perfectly balanced, to my taste, between low end, mids and high end, allowing for a tight, full, aggressive tone that cuts and roars! The Holy Diver definitely was the right bridge pickup choice on this and the VHII in the neck is amazing for leads. Easily capable of delivering the liquid-y Petrucci tone, but there is more to it! The tone has an amazing depth, almost 3D-like :P I don't know how to explain, it's just beautiful
    As for clean tones, this guitar has it all. Both the volume and tone knob are push/pull - the volume knob coilsplitting the pickups and the tone knob engaging series/parallel switching (series is accessed by putting the pick-up selector in neck position). Again I'm so happy I went with the VHII! Nice woody tones with an incredible depth - very clear of course, it's a Bare Knuckle! The amazing low end really shines on the lower strings making the roots of chords super clear (when played on the lower strings of course ) The higher notes are a perfect blend high end and mids, neither sounding harsh or warm for my taste.

    The woods on this guitar are out of this world, but that you probably already know
    Seriously though, the bubinga on this one is some kind of wild blend between incredibly deep curls (we're talking curly redwood deep!) and to my surprise occasional sparks of pomelle figuring. The neck has this amazing spiderwebbing up around the headstock area and to my surprise the ebony in the neck actually is curly. As can be seen from the pictures it doesn't show very well, with the ebony being pitch black, but it certainly is more apparent in real life.
    The snakewood binding is super nice and is a wicked, classy touch.

    So hopefully some video should be ready soonish, though, I'm in the middle of my exams so please bear with me, hehe
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    Didn't you already post a NGD here? you won a Guitar of the Month with it

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    Very Nice!

    Ibanez JPM-style control layout with 3-way toggle. Volume knob os push/pull for coil splitting and the tone control is push/pull for series/parallel.
    Explain that please.
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    Daniel, The pics I won with were posted in the build thread (, but those were taken at the workshop and I never got around to do a proper NGD

    ohio_eric, when I pull out the volume knob it splits the pickups so they become singlecoils as opposed to humbuckers. The "os" is a typo btw, it's supposed to be "is" The tone knob, when pulled out, puts the pickups into series/parallel mode (they're "wound" together in series or parallel) - parallel when in bridge or middle position and parallel when in neck position.
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