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Thread: NGD - Vigier Excalibur Special 7

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    NGD - Vigier Excalibur Special 7

    Got this around 2 days ago and couldn't stop playing\starring at it (-:

    This guitar is probably one of the finest guitars I've got to play, and I say this as a 95' PRS Custom 24 and a Framus Panthera 7 string custom owner.

    I didn't got to play it too much plugged honestly but here is my review for now:


    Ok, my PRS was looking abit pale near the vigier, and it's in new condition,
    really, the finish here is one of the best I've seen, the top is insane on it's own too.
    The pics don't do it justice, believe it or not (-:


    Its not Ibanez thin but very comfortable, the 10\90 system and flex retainers are making this one super stable, the guitar stayed in tune even after allot of whammy abuse and drop tunings, very impressive.

    Also the neck's finish feels very special, abit hard to describe, it feels super smooth in your hands, probably like how the velvet touch finish on J Custom's would feel, really nice.


    Right now the guitar has Dimarzio Blaze 7's, which are ok, but I do feel the bridge pickup needs a swap for something that would do a better job taking care of the low end.

    The guitar has a massive low end and is well balanced overall, I got to play it through my Uberschall Twin jet in a rehearsal yesterday and there was a significant improvement from the framus in terms of cutting through the mix and clarity, the low B did feel flubby compared to the bridge sounds of the framus - which has a C-NailBomb, so it's pretty obvious why, rhythm sounds on the E string dropped to D were sounding very tight, unfortunately the blaze doesn't seem to handle well the 7th string low end, your recommendations for BKp's are welcome!

    The Lead sounds on the other hand were phenomenal, each pickup combination gave another cool texture, the center position on these is exceptional.


    There's allot to appreciate about this guitar in this section, the guitar balances on your body very well while seating\standing, it's very light weight and feels super comfortable, so much that I didn't feel much difference when standing\seating - Very impressive.

    The Bridge:

    I always liked the JP7's bridge and wanted something alike, I even like this one better (-:
    It feels pretty smooth, kind of like between the jp7's and a custom 24, covers pretty much the same range as the JP's, and again, very stable bridge, no locking nuts on this guitar and is still slot more stable then my fixed bridge panthera.


    A very high quality guitar, the blaze on the bridge was abit disappointing indeed but it's easily fixable and I guess you can't expect to get Bkp's stock on a guitar anyway, aside of a blackmachine (-: With that said, this guitar is very impressive in every other aspect of it and finding the right bridge would make this a perfect axe.

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    Damn, you're fast, there you go (-:

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    That thing is beautiful, nice one!

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    Wow that is superb! I've only played two Vigier 6'ers but they were both exceptional guitars, I can only imagine how nice that thing must play! Congrats dude!

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    Wow, those 7-strings Vigier don't come around too often! Beautiful, congrats!
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    That's a beautiful looking guitar, I'd love to try one of those out sometime.

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    That guitar is awesome. That's what that guitar is. Nice score, man.
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