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Thread: NGD The Black Swan 7-string Multiscale

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    NGD The Black Swan 7-string Multiscale

    Hey everybody,

    Let me introduce The Black Swan made by the amazing Belorussian luthier Mr. Dmitry Poznysh.

    First off-topic:

    I've always been amazed by the bass designs. To me, the bass industry has gone far far away from the conventional guitar building.

    Second off-topic:

    Belorussia, a small neighbor country, has produced a good number of amazing luthiers. Not all of them are well-known as poor command of English is a huge obstacle for them to enter the English-speaking audience. That said, it doesn't make them any worse.

    Okay, now back to the subject matter.

    The Black Swan

    The core idea was to use various bass guitar designs and innovations to accommodate them in a 7-string standard tuning guitar. Keeping that in mind, Mr. Dmitry Poznysh has kindly agreed to make a build.

    Why him? The answer's easy. Dmitry was the only one who wasn't scared off by my crazy ideas on guitar design

    First, the guitar is a truly neck-through thing. By saying truly, I mean that the neck is a one piece wood slab going through the entire guitar length. More importantly, the fretboard is also going throughout the guitar, from the headstock down to the end of the body. The idea is to have a single piece of wood for the entire length of string vibration without intermediate joints.

    Second, the body is of a concave shape like a semi-sphere. Think a high-end Warwick, Spector, that is.

    Third, there's zero fret and individual retainers for each string. There are pros and cons on zero fret but to me it's just more comfortable to play at lower frets.

    Fourth, the neck is extremely thin. It's the thinnest neck I've ever played, 16 mm (0.63") from the 1st through the 15th fret. I should also note the heelless neck-to-body joint which is amazing.

    Technical specs:

    Neck wood - Brazilian rosewood (yep, it's a Brazzy!)
    Body wings - Honduran mahogany
    Body top - wenge
    Fretboard - African ebony
    27 Jescar GoldEvo jumbo frets
    Multiscale 25.5 to 26.5"
    Hipshot locking tuners
    ABM individual string bridges
    BKP Cold Sweat humbuckers

    Okay, enough of the boring technicalities. Here's a short sound clip

    The Black Swan Test by Chronograph on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    Poznysh The Black Swan Custom 7-string
    Hartung Chronograph Custom
    Oni Macassar Ebony Top 8-string
    Oni Amboyna Burl Top 8-string
    Oni Singlecut Custom 7-string
    Oni Carbon Coated 7-string
    Warwick Streamer Stage I
    Alfonso Iturra Fretless Bass
    Axe FX II
    Axe FX Ultra
    Prism Orpheus

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    This is cool.

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    Congrats man, that thing is awesome.

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    That thing is freakin' beautiful!! Sound clip was awesome too.

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    brass fanned frets, exotic woods!

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    That looks very nice.

    Great song, too. Kick ass playing.

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    is the neck thick enough for the truss rod to work effectively and not make the wood bulge out?

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    That is absolutely gorgeous!
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