Stumbled on this website somehow yesterday, looks like he's buying from the same factory as Raven West, but trying to sell most of them for WAY too much (neckthru Tele for $1000?). Though, he does have one thing that intrigues SG Jr. for $350, comes in White, Trans Cherry, Tobacco Burst, or Natural, 1 dog ear P90. Has anyone even played these? I am guessing they're all from the same factory as the Raven guitars, which are nice as mod projects. I'm thinking this could be a nice guitar to deck out with Gibson hardware and better electronics.

It's a shame he wants so much for the Tele's, because he's got some cool stuff...just I know those tele's are from the Raven/Woodoo factory, and are NOT worth a grand.

Michael Dolsey Guitars

He needs better pictures...i'm going to email and ask for some pics before I decide to buy or not.