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Thread: NGD: Aura Guitars EGS Ergonomic Headless 7-String

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    NGD: Aura Guitars EGS Ergonomic Headless 7-String

    Kershaw Leek for opening!

    A quick note...
    Ebony knobs were ordered and instead the company sent black stained plywood. The knobs on there currently are temporary, especially the gold one. Also, the cavity cover isn't done yet.

    Don't think that Adam sends out unfinished guitars. I am in the process of recording a full length album and needed it quick. They will be send in the mail soon.

    -Two piece Black Limba body (HOW IS THAT TWO PIECES? LOOKS LIKE ONE!)
    -Ziricote fretboard
    -Rosewood neck
    -26.5"-25.75" scale length(s)
    -Bareknuckle Aftermaths, Black
    -Strandberg Guitarworks Headless hardware
    -One volume--push-pull--coil tap on neck pup, one rotary five way pup switch
    -Recessed output jack
    -Tuned Drop G# for Cloudyhead action

    This is a Strandberg EGS by Aura Guitars, built by one Adam Gravett of Texas. This is clearly Ola Strandberg's design (and his hardware) and he is fully aware of this guitar being built and in fact was a great help in the development stages. He's a great guy and everyone knows how good his work is. Now Adam has become a very good friend of mine and he does really, really great work. I tried to have the pictures display the craftsmanship present in this instrument.

    Where do I start? The fretwork is immaculate and the action is just as I requested it--medium low. The only words I have to describe it is that this guitar just begs to be played. The neck profile is very, very much like my Ibanez 7 strings I've had in the past, but the back of the neck is less flat. It's more round. The neck is so comfortable that I didn't notice the profile when I started playing.

    The guitar is pretty heavy for being so small (due to the wood choices) but I don't mind that. I find that these dense woods result in a loud and very resonant guitar, both plugged in and acoustically. The guitar couldn't be more comfortable to sit with, especially in classical position.

    This guitar sounds mad. If I had to compare it to anything it would be to an angry mountain lion--it just purrs and purrs and sounds smooth and mad. A video will be posted very soon to exhibit this.

    I am hugely pleased in the results of this custom build and, honestly, as an undergraduate engineering student and pretty average bedroom musician I'm really not worthy of something of this caliber. But fuck it. It's mine and I love it. Aura Guitars really knocked it out of the park.


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    Dat access!

    This attention to detail is what I'm talking about. The inlays change as the ziricote's sapwood starts making an appearance. Classy.

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    the whole thing is really gorgeous. how does the black limba sound as a body wood? i've only ever had it as a top.

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    To me it sounds like mahogany.

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    Fookin nice!

    Quote Originally Posted by JamesM View Post
    To me it sounds like mahogany.
    That was my experience with limba aswell.
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    Gorgeous man!! Not a fan of rotary switches though, too easy to mess up live, but at least you've got way more options. Congrats!
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    Very nice. What options does the rotary have?
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