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Thread: NGD! Jackson Archtop

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    NGD! Jackson Archtop

    Some pics of my newest addition, this thing plays like butter and I can' stop staring at it. Korina and Bloodwood with a Redwood top. Stoked!

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    wow that's a very elegant looking archtop, congratulations.

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    Very nice! There were two dinky's at winter NAMM this year that looked nearly exactly like this one. They both sold for over 4K on ebay. One was all rosewood, bloodwood fretboard and redwood top just like this one and the other was all ebony with a redwood top just like this one too. Was this a custom order or did Jackson have it sitting around their shop and decided to sell it? Its real nice

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    Very nice!

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    Love the redwood!

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    dude that is super nice! never seen a top like that before.

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    That is the nicest guitar ! Damn. Love the inlays.

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    Fancy. I've never seen a Jackson with this sort of look, it's like a pointy PRS.
    Do you know what time it is? It's time to FARK SHEET ARRRRRP!!

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