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    carvin quetions

    ok guys, ive never looked at carvin before so i dont know much about them. any info on how they feel and sound would be great

    this one specifically, how are the pickups and such, i know this is a general question but anything will help. thanks

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    Well, THAT one was removed so we can't even help you there. I've heard people praise the Pickups and heard people bash them. So, for the pickups I guess its just try it and if you like it keep it if not, swap it. But As for how they feel I know a few people on this forum has gotten a few Carvin's , Shannon, DonBot, and Chris are the three I can remember off the top of my head.

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    It's tough to generalize the sound and feel since wood, configuration, and pickups can vary widely. I have a DC747 in walnut that I really like the feel of. The pickups aren't perfect, but they're good enough that I've never felt the need to change them.

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    I've got a 727 that I really like. I think it's supposed to be easier to change out the pickups in the 6's so if you don't like them just swap them out like any other guitar. Mine are ok, I've thought about changing them but I'm just about happy enough to keep them installed.
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    The DC series has always been too bright sounding for my tastes, and I've owned quite a few of them over the years, ranging in age from the early '80s to the mid 2000s. The Carvin pickups aren't great, but the primary problem (for me) seems to be the thin bodies. Not a lot of oomph in the tone department. Other people love 'em, though, so that's just my take.

    Other Carvin models, like the Holdsworths and the CT and SC series sound fantastic, because they are constructed differently than the DC series.

    All the Carvins I've had typically play very nice. Their fretwork is much better now than it used to be in the '80s.

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    I'd say go for it!
    Absolutely love my two Carvins, so much I ordered two more recently, hehe.
    The quality is top notch, plays and sounds great. I actually replaced my jp7 with my DC727.
    About the pickups. They're not at all as bad as people say IMO. I have stock in one and BKP in the other and think both sounds great.

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    The pickups that came in my SC (six string) weren't bad at all. The pickups that came in my 727 were horrendous.

    My SC4 is the best guitar I've ever owned.

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    I love my DC727 I changed the pickups out and everything is perfect now. The neck is great and the fretwork was well done.

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