Ibanez RG350M - any good? Worth at 245 Euros/299 USD new?

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Thread: Ibanez RG350M - any good? Worth at 245 Euros/299 USD new?

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    Ibanez RG350M - any good? Worth at 245 Euros/299 USD new?

    Hi all!

    I just found a store here in Europe that is selling the Ibanez RG350M in Black or Red, with the Zero II trem for about 245 Euros/299 USD. Usually, these sell here for about 350 Euros / 430 USD.

    I've been looking for awhile for a maple "super strat". Always liked Ibanez RG's and i'm really considering this. Now, i imagine that pickus are not the best ones, but does anyone have any experience with this model?

    Like, what's the built quality (solid)? What about playability, finish quality? Will this be a nice shred machine with the pickup upgrades? Well worth the 245 Euros/299 USD new?

    I can't find any good reviews online, so i'm asking for your opinion.

    Thanks in advance!
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    May I ask which store? I have been looking for a "cheap" RG with a maple board to have as a spare 6er, and this looks like a good idea.

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