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Thread: Family photos

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    Family photos

    It's a small but loving family.

    On the left: 92 RT650

    On the right: 89 RG750

    (not pictured: a late 80's MIK EX that was the guitar I learned to play on as a child. Black, 22 frets, HH configuration).

    I wasn't satisfied with that pic because it didn't correctly capture the color of the RT, so I took these two:

    They got the color right but not the texture, so here's one more:

    Also part of the family is a Dutch rabbit named Merlin:

    He pretty much always looks like he's wearing black metal makeup.

    Sometimes he hangs out with his friends in Immortal:

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    Wirelessly posted ()

    Black metal bunny, ftw!

    Also, awesome guitars

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    Love the RT650. Where'd you find a rabbit that lets you put corpse paint on him?
    Disclaimer: I work ultra part-time for a local music gear dealer

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    Lovely guitars. I gas pretty hard for an RT. However, that rabbit pic is so full of win it eclipses (with a cold, north moon) those guitars.

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    That corpse paint rabbit scares me a little Love the RT650.

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    best ibbys ever made, my mate had that exact 89 which some doofus sanded down painted over with some (wrong) red paint, it sounded soooo good when sanded down

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    Love that RT. So Timmons-ish.

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    RT GAS, engage!

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