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Thread: Suuuper late NGD Strictly 7+1 Tele, pix & sound!

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    Suuuper late NGD Strictly 7+1 Tele, pix & sound!

    More pics at Strictly 7 - Imgur
    (Any white specs are dust because I am a terrible vacuumer.)

    Okay, so I've actually had this guitar for quite awhile now, but I've been working on other stuff until now. This is the Strictly 7 Tele I may have mentioned once or twice, long long ago!

    Strings: 8
    Body wood: Northern Ash
    Top wood: Wenge
    Neck wood: Maple
    Fretboard wood: Ebony
    Fretboard radius: 16"
    Inlay/dots: None
    Scale length: 27.5"
    Frets: 26
    Hardware: Gold
    Bridge: Hipshot hardtail

    Neck: Bareknuckle Pickups Stormy Monday
    Middle: Bareknuckle Pickups The Mule
    Bridge: Custom 8-string Seymour Duncan Jerry Donahue Tele Lead
    Switch: 5-way, 3 vol/3 tone, push/pull for splits on neck/middle
    Tuning: F#1 A2 C#3 D#3 F#3 C#4 A4 D#4

    Special: Beveled edges on the body, painted black
    Special: Signature on front of headstock, S7 logo on back of headstock

    Ever since Envy's A Dead Sinking Story, I've been in loved with Telecasters, so I decided if I'm going to go custom, I'd do something that will never be in production: an eight-string one. It's always been about the sound for me, so I went with a more pleasing shape and finish, but kept the woods, a similar bridge to the contemporary models, and the bridge pup.

    Jim at Strictly 7 was an absolute pleasure to work with. Very communicative, very friendly, very professional, and open to any suggestion. Every spec I requested, I got, and for a very reasonable price.

    The woodwork is great and the finish is perfect. Beautiful, dark, seamless wenge top, and a sexy piece of bright ash with a black-painted bevel. The bevel was my request, and asking him to paint it black on a natural wood was kind of crazy. Jim told me it might bleed through, but the only place it bled whatsoever was behind the neck joint, and I had asked for it, so I couldn't care less. There is also a tooling mark on the heel, but I didn't even notice it till my tech pointed it out. Again, I can't say it bothers me, given the location. The Strictly 7 logo is, IMO, not a fit for this type of guitar, so I asked Jim to sign his name in gold in its place on the headstock, and he was happy to oblige. The gold hardware also looks wonderful, and it has held up since I got the axe.
    I did have two issues:
    1. The break angle behind the nut is very shallow. This obviously isn't an issue if you have a string tree or a locking nut, but I don't. What this means is that there is low tension between the nut and the tuners, and as such, that portion of the string resonates sympathetically when you play, and it's annoying. I had to put scrunchies there, which a lot of people do anyway, and it's better now; but I've not had to do that with my other axes with a deeper angle. I brought this up with S7 today, and they told me they put string bars on them now and they'd send me one if I wanted.
    2. The guitar was setup once, a problem was identified (Seymour Duncan person was on autopilot and made the wrong sized pickup, lolol), and the guitar wasn't resetup and restrung after the new pickup was put in. The weather had kinda turned in the meantime, so the setup was borked. In any case, I was having setup-related issues I couldn't sort out myself, so I took it to my tech (if you're in SE Michigan, Herb David does excellent work, though the prices are kinda high). He pointed out the issue with the break angle in addition to some nut issues (the cuts were too high/low), which he fixed, and now it's all peachy keen. Due to the generous (IMO) pricing of the guitar in the first place, I didn't really mind having to go to my own tech.
    This, and not catching the problem with the pup himself (I did, through pictures), makes me wonder what's up with the setup guy, but there are any number of explanations ranging from angelic to insidious, so I make no judgment. I haven't heard of anyone else having problems with him, so whatevz. In any case, it's been roughly a year since my guitar was constructed, and it seems they have the first problem sorted out, and the second was probably more of random incident.

    I love his neck profile. It's extremely comfortable over sustained playing and it feels really solid. If we're going to compare profiles, I like it more than either my Schecter C-8's neck or my RG3550MZ's Super Wizard. Access is good up to the 26th fret. Being a bolt-on, the joint kinda feels like my Fender Tele except easier. (The access on his neck-throughs is insane, if you are into that construction.) The 27.5" scale is completely sufficient for F#, no surprise. The strings feel kinda lighter than I think they actually are on this guitar. I'd rather have a firmer feel because I suck, but that would be getting nit-picky. Bottom line is that I could play this thing all day.

    Acoustically, it honestly doesn't sound like much. But neither does my Dingwall, also an ash body. And also much like the Dingwall, when you plug it in, it's very controlled and tight all the way down to the F#, and the power is there if you can find it. It's not really plug-and-play, and rewards experimentation. I went with vintage output humbuckers from Bareknuckle to change it up a bit, and with that and all the other factors, it really doesn't sound like any of my other guitars, I'm happy to say.

    The Stormy Monday in the neck is absolute gold. In split mode, it's more than satisfied my Strat GAS for life. In full humbucking mode, it's standard BKP quality, which is certainly praise. Pick whichever buzz words you personally like, and we'll say it's that. Shut up, it's good. I am pretty sure I could even use it for gainy rhythm if I had a mind to.

    The Mule (bridge model) in the middle provides a very different flavor from the SM neck for leads. It also lets you keep some of that richness if you wanna reach for the low notes and have them still be tight. Blends well with the bridge pup, too.

    For the bridge pickup, I would've gone Bareknuckle if they had a custom shop (my Piledriver is totally tits), but they don't, so I went for Seymour Duncan since they'll make anything, and people rave about their Jerry Donahue Telecaster pickup. At any rate, they made one -- even put a metal plate on it. It's way tighter and more modern than I was expecting, but it's got the twang. I want to say the low end is even TOO tight, but with my tuning having four strings below standard low E's octave, I really can't. It handles complex chords in the lowest register really well and evenly. As far as metal rhythm goes, it's there and it's mean. Curiously, all the pups can benefit from a blanket boost around the mid-2kHz. I don't know what to attribute that to or if my other guitars would be the same, but I first noticed it on this one.

    Bottom Line:
    It was a great experience with a happy ending. I love the guitar, it brings something unique to my sonic palette, and it does it well. S7 can only have gotten better since this guitar was made, so big thumbs up. Have a sample! Sorry, no djent. Opening duet is the Stormy Monday, lower register (and first) rhythm guitar is the Duncan Donahue, higher, second rhythm guitar is The Mule + JD (triple coil \m/), and the solo is The Mule. It's all Strictly 7/Dingwall/my voice/SD2. If you know what symphony I ripped from, you get mega academic cred, but sssshhhhh, don't tell...

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    Not sure how it's a Tele, other than the bridge pickup? Sorta?

    But I don't care, because that's a really cool guitar, and sounds really great

    Also, that song is really fucking different, and kind of awesome

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    That's a lot of knobs!

    Very cool, and pretty damn unique.

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    [VIDEO]]Insanely Idiotic (Billy Madison) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    But seriously, that's a weird, but very pretty, guitar

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    Quote Originally Posted by eleven59 View Post
    Not sure how it's a Tele, other than the bridge pickup? Sorta?
    Kinda based its config off of an ash tele but made it prettier.

    P.S. Incredible Billy Madison clip. That's me everyday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Very cool, and pretty damn unique.
    ... for an RG copy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anne View Post
    Sorry, no djent.
    You can pretty much file this under "Things you never need to say on MG.".

    Quote Originally Posted by darren View Post
    ... for an RG copy.

    You seen many S-H-H, 8 string, 6-knobbed, northern Ash RGs floating around?

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