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Thread: Thank you to randy...

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    Thank you to randy...

    ...for mocking up the guitar im about to start building soon!

    Randy has been super helpful with this

    Ive got a friend bringing me some tools from when he took a crack at it back in the day, should have those wednesday night, and im going to try to get this ripped off into templates by the weekend. ill be ordering some of the wood (read: neck and body woods) this week as well.

    Specs are as follows
    Custom body/headstock (ive got names in place for if this takes off)
    Body: Ash/Mahogany Top
    Neck: Mahogany
    Fingerboard: Ebony
    Scale: 28.625"
    Frets: 24 XJ Stainless
    Scallops: 16th fret and above
    Bridge: OFR7
    Nut: OFR Locking
    Neck Profile: a close-as-possible clone of the Dean Vendetta 1.7 I have
    Radius: 12"
    Pickups: SRC7 layout, not sure which pups yet
    Tuners: Hipshot Locking Tuners
    Joint: Deep Set neck

    Ive been working with the luthier at work alot, and learning tons. Eventually (long term goal lol) id like to make money doing this stuff, but feasible or not i intend to continue. For now though, Im just doing this as a learning experience, and as a fun hobby

    Question to the luthier types. i was looking at an oil/wax finish for this. i lovelovelove tung oiled mahogany necks, but im not sure how that would handle on the ash. wax finish the body and oil the neck? Just looking for some advice on this one
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    That's a long ass mofo.

    It has changed a lot (for the better) since I first saw this. Reverse headstock FTW.
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    Where do I sign up for one? That mockup is pure win!

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    An issue with oil finishing the ash would be the super open grain that it has.

    I really dig on this design - anything I can do to help ya out there Max, lemme know.

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    You're welcome.
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    Very unique but pretty cool. Just not really feeling the humbucker in the middle.

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    I see some influence from the company that makes the guitars for Zero Hour... can't remember the name offhand. Looks very long and slim... not quite my style, but I do like cutouts behind the bridge from an ergonomics standpoint. Great for locking the guitar on your leg mid-solo.
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