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Thread: Decibel Javelin 6 Work In Progress Pics!

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    Decibel Javelin 6 Work In Progress Pics!

    When Periphery played in Toronto, Darren Wilson came out so I could return the Proto 7 that I borrowed for the album and brought a very nice surprise for me to check out.

    It isn't 100% complete yet, but it IS fully playable and sounds/feels great! With the light body and Hannes bridge it sounded very bright and articulate and was a real joy to play. Mark and Jake spent some time with it too and loved it as well. Mark and I in particular are big fans of the neck carve with has the "ledge" for the thumb since we play with the thumb over the neck as opposed to sitting at the back of the neck (since we don't have "good" technique haha).

    Oh and just a little rant: There seems to be this "article" claiming that pickups are the only thing that really affect the sound of an instrument, and that woods/construction have little to nothing to do with it. It is an article written with no data whatsoever or anything to back the statement up and yet people are regurgitating the things claimed as gospel (I know I shouldn't be surprised: Internet). But god if there were anything to prove this otherwise, it would be this guitar next to the Ibby 420z that Jake uses with THE EXACT SAME pickups. The guitars couldn't sound more different. Point fail, article fail, end of discussion. /Rant

    Anyways, she is a gorgeous one and I shot some pics of it and figured I would share:

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    Looks sick. Love the dyed top on it. Do u have any pics of the neck carve?

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    that is wicked nice!
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    mmm, a cream or white binding would be delicious on this thing. Looking good

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    Looking nice!

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    If I could afford another ontario luthier made guitar, I would have bought this, but my bank account would cry tears of blood.

    Awesome guitar is awesome.
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    Wirelessly posted (like MAGIC!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Empryrean
    mmm, a cream or white binding would be delicious on this thing. Looking good

    Binding would be a nightmare, because of the way the edges undulate. I'm not even going to attempt it.

    It was awesome seeing Misha, Mark, and Jake run this guitar through its paces. Serious riff monsters.

    This guitar is a prototype/demo guitar, and I haven't committed to selling it yet. It has a couple of unique features like the 50/50 sandwich body and the ash neck, so I like having it around.

    That said, I'm going to be finishing the back and the neck, and doing a pickup swap on it, and will be loaning it out to Misha for Periphery's European tour this fall.

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    Loving the simple H-S layout, really digging it!

    What DiMarzio is that in the neck?

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