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Thread: "Pro" setup question

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    "Pro" setup question

    I recently had my Ibanez 540R in for a setup at a local music store - not a big national chain.

    The guy did a decent enough job but the action is still a little high, mainly on the upper frets.

    However, I'm wondering about the trem setup. I was under the impression that when you have everything balanced out and ready to lock the nut, the fine tuners on the bridge should be roughly half-way down. This allows for fine tuning when a little sharp or flat. Some of the fine tuners are almost all the way down - a couple are ALL the way down.

    Should I take it back or if that's such a bad setup to begin with, cut my losses and take it to someone else to do more to lower the action and get the tuning straightened out?

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    Go back and say you aren't happy with it and ask what they will do to fix it.

    Don't kick up a fuss, be very polite and explain it isn't really how you like it and ask if they can tweak it.

    However, if you didn't specify a low action when you handed it in, then it's just a lesson learned. The 540R feels rather strat like and they may have thought you wanted a more conservative setup.
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    What Stitch says is correct; you need to specify that what kind of setup you want. To answer your other question, yes, the fine tuners are usually supposed to be in the middle of their range when initially set up. That way you have some play either way.

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    Honestly, thats the single biggest reason to learn how to do your own setups - so much of this is personal taste.

    Barring that, get to know your tech so he has some idea of what you like. Unfortunately, I have a pretty good idea of how my ideal setup differs from Chris's, so I know what I need to do to make his guitars play the way he wants them to.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll probably take it back up and see what they say. It's right around the corner from my house so I'm hoping it works out.

    Drew - I agree with learning to do it myself and that's my plan. However, I have no frame of reference for how well my guitars are supposed to play and feel. I was hoping to have a few "pros" hook me up so I'll know what to expect when I start doing it myself.

    Guess I'll give it a whirl and if I screw things up completely, have someone else fix it!

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    You don't need a frame of reference, man. Tweak something. If it plays better, tweak it some more. Keep doing it until it stops playing better and starts playing worse, and then undo your last adjustment.

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    And when doing your own setups, a good rule of thumb with most everything(truss rod, trem posts, etc) just go 1/4 turn or less at a time. And if you have locking studs on the trem, be sure to unlock them!

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    Fwiw, play with that for a while and take it back in a few months maybe, and ask for a shredder set up. Be straight forward and tell the guy you're not sure what you're looking for. He might take good care of you and let you try a few setups different ways for less, since the overall adjustment is less.
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