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Thread: Need a cheap body or neck?

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    Need a cheap body or neck?

    Factory Buyout Clearance Sale

    Who else but Guitarfetish??
    Who else could walk into one of the world’s largest and most respected guitar factories and lay down the cash to buy an ENTIRE WAREHOUSE of abandoned, disassembled and discontinued models??
    Well nobody else. But WE DID IT…. Thousands upon thousands of bodies and necks… Alder, Ash, Maple, Mahogany, Basswood, Poplar, Korina, Pauwlonia, Spruce… You name it, sooner or later you’ll see it on this page.

    Now let’s have an understanding between us, OK?? Everything here is the result of the Great Recession of 2009. Guitar brands from all over the world, faced with dwindling sales and depleted cash, cancelled their orders with factories all over the world. The factories STOPPED production, so they wound up with some routed but unfinished pieces, some finished but un-assembled pieces, and some completed guitars that got disassembled to harvest the metal parts. We bought it ALL. So UNDERSTAND my friends…. NOTHING here is brand new and shiny- we DO sell brand new and shiny warranted parts on our site for a little bit more money. These are all at the very least scuffed up with minor scratches, at the worst they either need luthier skills to finish or need to be stripped and refinished. PRICED ACCORDINGLY.

    This is a ONE TIME OPPORTUNITY. We are selling everything at a FRACTION of manufacturing cost… in many cases well below the value of the wood. Some pieces that have brands that do not have copyright in the USA are presented here with the brands intact, others have been sanded off. We did not commission any of this- we bought it all as-is and are selling it all as-is.
    These are FINAL SALES. You buy it, you own it… you deal with it. We have photographed and described them fairly. We’ve had a whack at some of these here and even the deeply scratched models CAN be REFINISHED AND THE MODERATE ONES can be WET SANDED AND BUFFED. There are some ridiculous bargains to be had here…. Once in a lifetime boys….
    We have ordered back plates that should line up to most of these and will offer them on the site in September.
    We will be posting new items DAILY…first come…first served…
    Please do not ask us to hold anything- we cannot. If it’s sold out it is gone…forever.

    Will have to check back and see what they post. That flame top could be pretty cool. A gamble for sure, but those prices are pretty damn low!

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    I wish it was easy to figure out what necks would fits what bodies etc. =/
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    Arg. I'd like to buy one of their strat bodies, but I've already been dicked over once by not getting a proper fitting body on ebay. Bit apprehensive:/
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    Wirelessly posted (Hivemind)

    I almost grabbed a body a few days ago, but someone else beat me to it.
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    I've never been impressed by anything I've bought from them, stuff is just as cheap as it's price suggests.

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    Do want alder RG body. Will see if they have one.

    How hard is it to just buy all the parts and make a guitar?

    Can I use a fixed bridge on an RG body that's been routed for a floating trem?

    edit - after looking at the inventory, I'd be getting in over my head. But for future reference, building a guitar sounds awesome. Is it hard if you just buy all the pieces?

    Is it like computers where you can build one for cheaper than you can buy a preassembled one, or is it cheaper to just buy one and customize it?
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    Couple of weird Ibby S-esque bodies with AANJ on there but routed for vintage synchro'd trems. Odd.
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