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Thread: How Framus FUXXED Me

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    How Framus FUXXED Me

    Wow, I've never been that furious for quiet a while.

    9 months ago I ordered bkp covered 7 string nailbomb set for my framus panthera 7 string custom guitar.

    The covered pickups didn't fit the rings and the rings broke while I was trying fitting the pickups in.

    I emailed Framus and they wanted 100 euros for the shipping(!) to Israel and wouldn't consider shipping in any other way - and this is not even scratching what I'm talking about.

    I figured out later the rings broke because they would never fit anyway, it wasn't accidental, the BKP covered 7 string pups are sized differently.

    I decided to go with the guy from, I asked framus if the dimensions are like seymour duncan's 7 string pickup rings - they said YES.

    I told him these dimensions plus the dimensions of the BKP's - after 4 months of waiting and having millions of excuses the guy delivered me rings that won't fit.

    They didn't fit btw because what Framus told me was false - these were rings they manufactured themselves, not seymour duncan, and they were different.

    I asked him to send me rings that would fit, he asked me to send him the original rings promising he'll deliver this time - which after waiting 2 more months he didn't do.

    I decided to send the BKP's to bareknuckle to uncover figuring I can then buy regular rings without a custom job - did it, and this time asked Framus if they could send me the rings to france where some of my family lives, they also did that.

    Turns out - the Framus rings(which I received a few days ago) WON'T FIT the guitar because Framus changed the rings type they were using to another and they don't stock any rings anymore - so they basically told me they have nothing to do and suggested I'll talk to seymour duncan(Sounds Like a plan....).

    So, my uncovered BKP's are on my mail, not only I've sent them for free to uncover, now it looks quiet impossible to fit them or ANY other pickups to my guitar. AWESOME.

    BTW - they still can't tell their pickup ring dimensions, I measured them myself hoping I didn't make a mistake anywhere.

    Great support Framus, thanks allot. This is disgusting, the worst support I've ever encountered in this business.

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    Wirelessly posted () is the ONLY place I would go for custom rings. The guy is seriously good, and he won't dick you around like these other jokers.
    Division: American Metal without the suck.

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    Doesn't really sound like they fucked you, sounds like miscommunication... You asked the guy if the rings were the same as Duncan rings, the current ones are, so that was his answer...

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    Well you're wrong, simply because I stated over and over that my guitar is the older model.

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    Btw where did you hear the current ones are duncans? Doesn't fit my measurements,
    and also it doesn't makes allot of sense he'd advise me to ask them about it.

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    That sucks dude.

    Fretsonthenet should be able to hook you up.

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    Last time I talked to him, I just sent an email asking when he's "holidation" ends since I'm not christian and don't live in the US so I have no clue - the guy completely blew out on me saying everything is wrote on the website and that he had enough of dumb asses that can't read or something along the lines of that. With that temperature I'd rather give up the pleasure of dealing with that guy.

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