NGD. Luke I am your father.

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Thread: NGD. Luke I am your father.

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    NGD. Luke I am your father.

    So I just got this one. It's a EBMM Luke III. Alder body, rosewood neck and board. First HH Luke and also the Luke sans EMG's. These are brand new custom Dimarzio's made just for this guitar. It also has an active boost that is activated with a push/push on the tone pot. Haven't played it much, but it feels fantastic. Very comfortable ergonomically as well as the rosewood neck being super sweet. So far from what I have heard it sounds pretty damn good. It can go from clean to mean really well and is pretty damn bright and snarling with a lot of gain, especially with that boost on. Pickups remind me a lot of the Suhr Aldrich's. This sweet bastard also just happens to be the same color combo and my old BFR Morse that I traded off.
    Pic time. I'll get some daylight shots soon. I had to go to pick this up from the UPS depot at 7:30 so I had no daylight left.

    Also here is a vid of Rob Chappers reviewing it, if you want to hear how it's supposed to sound
    [VIDEO]]Music Man Steve Lukather Luke III - YouTube[/VIDEO]
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    Very nice. I've always liked that model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaxadam View Post
    Very nice. I've always liked that model.

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    Nice! I've owned a lot of EBMMs but I never had one of these. I really should change that.

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    I've been drooling over the EBMM Luke's for months now. I've bidded on a few too but lost out on all of them so far! Eventually I will own one though. I just want to find the 'right one'.

    That's a nice score!

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