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Thread: Relicing a PRS

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    Relicing a PRS

    [VIDEO]]relicing a PRS guitar....sorry for that! - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    What more can I say? .. I'm generally known for building guitars, rather than breaking them down but when this client threatened to do it himself with a hammer and a set of keys I had to have a go.. of course I ended up using a hammer.. and a set of keys Go figure.. This is NOT a tutorial on how to relic a guitar, there are many people who actually enjoy the process and who do it better. There are several things I would do differently had I the chance, the client specifically asked me to do as little as possible to the hardware/chrome which somewhat lets the effect down and by the time I go to the 'buckle rash' I'd lost momentum and a little bit of my soul..forgive my sacrilege! I do hope you get a naughty thrill watching, I certainly felt naughty doing it!

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    I'm not a big fan of relicing but it's pretty cool to see it getting done. The end result looked more like an uncared for guitar than one that had seen a lot of gigging though.
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    That man should be set on fire and thrown down a hill covered in broken glass and aids covered heroine needles for doing that to a PRS

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    I've seen VERY few relic jobs that didn't just look completely ridiculous. One of the better ones I've seen was done by the PRS PTC on a goldtop DGT model and they managed to make the lacquer-checking that typically happened on old 50's guitars sprayed with nitro look like it had happened naturally on a 2011 model. Not that I'd pay someone to do that to a brand new guitar myself, but it was one of the very few that actually looked cool, and that's also ALL they did, they didn't just randomly beat the piss out of the finish and put a bunch of random dents on the guitar.

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    I dont think that looks good. I'd put some sandpaper taped to my arm where it rubs the body and play it or a while. Or put on a bunch of rings and play the neck. Shit like that. The wear spots are inbetween pristine spots. It needs a general overall attack instead of little spots.
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    Stupid. Especially on a PRS. They have poly finishes that are an inch thick. Even well played 25 year old PRS's wont show that type of wear. Its not a nitro finished Gibby or Fender that the finish will wear off of. The only way a PRS is getting this way is intentional abuse.

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    Dumbest fucking thing I've seen. Just play the damn thing.

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