Looking for a new case for my Ibanez S7420FM

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Thread: Looking for a new case for my Ibanez S7420FM

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    Looking for a new case for my Ibanez S7420FM

    Hello people

    I need some help. I currently have an Ibanez S7420FM with it's original case but the thing is that it's not a very good one and it causes scratches in the finish in one of the sides just below the tone nob.

    So I'm looking for a new one and I would like some help in choosing a good one that won't damage my guitar. Also, I'm flying to Cologne in a month to play Euroblast (very excited about that!) and I'm a little afraid with getting my guitar into the cargo of the plane.

    A local luthier from my town recommended me these, any thoughts?


    My main concerns are:

    Would my guitar fit ok?
    The plane thing

    Thanks in advance!

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    In my experience Ibanez j.custom cases would be your best bet, but only if you can find one made for an S-series. Those ones have inserts in the case to support the body. Because of the curved back any other case will have some movement which is a Bad Thing when flying. Check ebay!
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    Thank you very much for your recommendation Stich. I've been looking on ebay but only founded this:

    Etui IBANEZ Guitare S SA PRESTIGE Custom J CRAFT case NEUF | eBay

    I've been looking into the Ibanez cases too buy they are more expensive than the Gator ones. They are these:

    Ibanez - MP100C E- Git. Case f. RG, RG-7, RGD-/, S, SV, SA, JS, FR : Estuches y fundas
    Ibanez - Case M100C Black : Estuches y fundas

    Apparently both of the cases are designed to fit an S series but since I've had bad experiences with the original case of the guitar I don't know what to think.

    I'm still looking into the Gator GPE-Elec-Tsa case, experiences anyone?

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