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Thread: New(ish?) Rusty Cooley fanned 8

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    New(ish?) Rusty Cooley fanned 8

    One of the more awkward looking guitars I've seen. That fretboard

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    That headstock.

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    the fretboard ends need to be cut parallel to
    the fan. seeing that shit on a $3k+ guitar is
    just .

    so far i like how batch masterson
    and kxk handle multi scale fretboards.
    very very sexy.
    ". . . . . . . ."

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    That looks fukd! Seriously awkward looking.

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    I seriously don't know where to begin. That thing is all over awful.
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    yup fretboard ends totally ruin it.

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    That's one hell of a zero fret.

    Well, if this is what Rusty wanted and it satisfies his needs, then rock on. Personally, I need to post this picture just to cleanse my eyes:

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