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Thread: Customized Pointy Goodness

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    Customized Pointy Goodness

    I realized I never did a thread about this baby.

    When I got this guitar it was just boring black and I wanted to hotrod the fuck out of it. So after botching a DIY job I contacted Jay Krupka (Cyclonic Guitars). A lot of guys know how great his work is, especially when it comes to BC Riches and other non-standard guitars.

    Deluxe Warlock; Marbelized Silverburst
    Seymour Duncan Custom 5 (neck) and Alternative 8 (bridge) with Triple Shots
    Black Q-parts knobs with pearl tops
    Planet Waves Locking Tuners
    Changed the square jackplate for a strat style one (forgot to take a picture)
    Oversized strap buttons
    Reshaped the body to look like a USA Warlock (more pointy and bevelly)

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    That is fucking awesome


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    That paint is ridiculous!

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    very cool!!!!! you must have shit when you saw it! considering you said you botched it, for it to then come around and look like that! Enjoy!

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    Jay did an amazing job. He had a lot to do. I started working on the guitar when all I knew how to do were basic set ups and such. I basically did everything wrong.. Jay came to my rescue and just blew things out of the park! He even hand delivered it to me from halfway across the country! This guitar is just perfect for me.

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    I love the look of this thing man.

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    fantastic finish!

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    Well now, that's awesome.

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