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Thread: NGD: RGA121

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    NGD: RGA121

    Based on recommendations from this forum I picked up a used Ibanez RGA121 off eBay, and I think I have finally found an Ibanez I can bond with. I was looking for a solid shredder with the RG body shape and with none of the deficiencies I encountered with past Ibanezes, and this guitar definitely delivers. It took a while for me to get one because I only wanted the Violin Flat finish, and those don't pop up on eBay very often. This one is completely stock, came in an old Kramer hardshell case, and cost me about $550 USD.

    So far there is nothing about it I don't like. It feels nice and solid without being super heavy, which was a concern given its mahogany body. I love the RG body shape, and even though I've never been a huge fan of bolt-on designs, the neck heel is rounded and smooth enough that I don't really notice it. I like the Gibraltar Plus bridge; I didn't want another trem-equipped guitar and so the fixed bridge on this 121 is perfect. The stock pickups sound good to me, and I will most likely keep them in there. I love the mahogany body and its rich brown "violin flat" finish. And the rosewood fretboard is a very nice piece of rosewood, which I am quite happy about since I really didn't like the rosewood on the RG350 I had a couple of years back. The Cosmo Black chrome hardware is also a nice touch.

    The only thing I will have to get used to is the neck. I am used to Gibson Les Paul necks which are fatter, narrower, and shorter scale. But I'm sure I'll adapt pretty quickly. Lastly, it needs a bit of a setup; the action is a wee bit high for my tastes, particularly past the 12th fret, and the intonation on the high E string is just a tad sharp. All things which are easily adjusted.

    The photo below is someone else's RGA121, but mine looks exactly like it:

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    Nice score

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    Violin finish is best finish

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    I have one of those and absolutely lvoe it. Almost sold it a few years back and very glad I didn't. Total workhorse guitar.

    Funny you waited for the VLF, I spend most of my time wishing it was one of the NLF ones.

    Solid guitars. Watch out for the finish on the back as the wood marks very easily!
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    Yeah, the back of it has some slight buckle rash marks from the previous owner, who I think gigged with it pretty heavily. It is remarkably clean overall despite this. I actually like the fact that it is worn in a bit; all the "new guitar" stiffness is long gone and it has that comfortable feel of a guitar that has settled into its prime playing form.

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    Great guitars. I wish they'd stuck with that bridge design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darren View Post
    Great guitars. I wish they'd stuck with that bridge design.
    Yeah I agree - I really liked that bridge

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    Very nice score. I've always wanted one of these, since it's the perfect combo for me: RG, mahogany with maple cap, 25.5" scale length, fixed bridge, arched top.

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