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Thread: NGD - VGS SouMaster 7 - Evertune bridge (vid inside)

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    NGD - VGS SoulMaster 7 - Evertune bridge (vid inside)

    A couple months back, I got an email from the guys at Evertune asking me whether I'd like to give the bridge a shot and review it. Since I'd been very intrigued and wanted to try one out for ages, I obviously agreed.

    These bridges require their own routing done, so the way to speed things up a bit was to have the kind folks at VGS guitars send me a new Soulmaster 7, which comes stock with an Evertune bridge.

    A wild package appears - VGS hadn't told me the guitar had been shipped yet, so I was actually quite surprised.

    Ready for the first run of testing.

    Here's a proper "factory" pic, as I forgot I chopped strings off for the demo prior to photographing it this morning. I'll take a few more shots later today, fear not.

    Here's the demo vid for the bridge / guitar - I'll post my review and thoughts after this:
    [VIDEO]]Fred Brum - Evertune bridge / VGS Soulmaster 7 (Katana playthrough) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Review time. First off the guitar:
    - fret work is quite good, and while the set up had the action a tad to high for my personal taste, lowering was quick and easy with no chokes resulting from uneven frets;
    - this is supposed to cost 600-something EUR, from what I've been told. Considering the quality and the hardware in question, nothing comes close to it in this price segment, assuming this instrument portrays the norm;
    - pickups are bar sized passives, and if I'm to be really picky, the bridge pickup could have a bit more hair to it. I am not particularly fond of having this sort of routes as it makes pickup swaps a bit more fiddly than they should if you don't want a couple craters around the pickups (unless you're using pickups meant for those routes, like the Aluma Deathbars, for instance);
    - Acoustically, while obviouly not as refined as my far more upmarket types, she sounds quite pleasant, nice and balanced, with good "snap" to the attack and has a nice resonance to it - another positive mark for the build quality here;

    All in all, a lot of guitar for very little money, which is something I am always very glad to find, and even factoring in a pickup swap, it's still likely to be cheaper than the competition for its price bracket, in all fairness.

    And now the bridge:
    - first off, I'm not easily impressed by gear, especially when people start off with a promise of tuning stability with no tonal compromises - it gives me a bit of that "oh, heavenly choirs and unicorn's horn dust and excalibur rising from the lake at the first chord" marketing vibe;
    - thing is, it delivers. Other than the quick examples in the vid, I did everything I could think of to detune the guitar short of setting the guitar on fire or unwinding the tuners all the way. In real life use, it won't detune unless you shove a disgustingly rusty, grime infested string that is bound to get stuck in the nut repeatedly. Even so, it was a 3 cent detune, which is ridiculous;
    - I taped the strings together overnight, left the guitar under a very hot spotlight and moved it between temperature extremes, hung the guitar by the strings and waggled it far more frantically than in the vid, chopped FIVE strings off in quick succession, and the thing was in tune anyway;
    - tonally, it's very good. Sounds like a good old solid, heavy bridge should, with great attack and resonance;
    - there are literally zero noises from the complex mechanics involved in this device, mainly because the damping of said noise is actually a part of the device. Even with the gain dimed to levels I never use, not a "ping" or annoying spring vibrating was heard.

    All in all, this is a game changer, and I don't say this lightly. I was afraid of a ton of issues that might make this unit a compromise of sorts and, other than the specific routing required to accommodate it (and that's not really a compromise), there are none. In short, expect a couple Jaden Rose 7's to have this fitted on them and I can't tell you how eager I am to see the 8-string version released so I can do the same to my 8's. Impressive piece of kit!
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    Tidy looking fiddle! I'll check the vid out when I get home!


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    Wirelessly posted ()

    They already have a 7-string version? I'm shocked, mostly because it used to take forever to get 7-string versions of anything, and still mostly does, if they plan on making one at all Sounds like they've got a cool new product, and are actually being smart with it as well

    Now they just need to put one in Bulb's hands, and start planning for their retirement in a few months after all the orders from

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    I am very impressed with that bridge staying in tune through your playing and then the string breaking. However, more impressive is that your playing on that song is amazingly fluid. Thanks for the demo.

    One question, is it easy to drop a string down a whole step? For dropped-D tuning, etc?

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    Yeah, it's feasible although it'll feel a bit weird at first.

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    Awh hell yeah!

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