Ibby RGs with non locking trems

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Thread: Ibby RGs with non locking trems

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    A bunch of new MIJ Ibbys

    Guitars - RG2750QV | Ibanez guitars

    Guitars - RG2770FV | Ibanez guitars

    Head Top: Quilted Maple head top w/binding
    Neck: 5pc Wizard HP Maple / Walnut neck
    Body: Quilted Maple + Maple top / Alder body w/binding
    Fingerboard: Rosewood fingerboard w/binding
    Position Mark: Acrylic 4mm center dot position mark
    Bridge: SynchroniZR Tremolo bridge w/ZPS-FX
    P.U.: Ibanez TDB2 *1 (H) neck P.U. Ibanez ST2 *2 (S) middle P.U. Ibanez TDB3 (H) bridge P.U.
    Control ETC.: 1V1T, 5Way SW, True-Duo System
    Hardware Color: Chrome

    Consider this the unofficial return of the RT series perhaps?

    Also let's throw in a new 7 string for good measure:

    Guitars - RG2727FZ | Ibanez guitars


    neck type 5pc Wizard HP Maple / Walnut neck
    body Flamed Maple + Maple (4mm) top /
    Mahogany (40mm) body
    fingerboard Rosewood fingerboard
    bridge Edge-Zero7 Tremolo bridge w/ZPS3
    neck pu DiMarzio ® IBZ-7N (H) neck PU
    bridge pu DiMarzio ® IBZ-7B (H) bridge PU
    hardware color Cosmo Black

    EDIT: Here's another non locking trem RG

    ƒCƒPƒxŠyŠí“Xweb site ŠyŠíŒŸõ - ƒMƒ^[

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    What happened to all the 7 strings in the RG prestige line up?

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    Wirelessly posted (like MAGIC!)

    If I'm reading those specs right, the "flamed maple + maple (4 mm)" tops are thin plain maple tops with a flamed maple veneer.

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    That RG2727 will be mine

    EDIT: Not at £1500 it won't be...


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    They have my attention.

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    Nice, but spendy. That red one at the top has me a bit tingly.

    Edit: Real pics can be seen here:


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    That first one looks like my RT650 except mine has a natural colored headstock.

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    Seems interesting, but I assume they won't come with locking tuners? Doesn't really make sense to me.
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