NGD: Ibanez RG 550 SA (2002 Japan Fuji) pics & vids

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Thread: NGD: Ibanez RG 550 SA (2002 Japan Fuji) pics & vids

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    NGD: Ibanez RG 550 SA (2002 Japan Fuji) pics & vids

    So im new to this site this is my first post i want bring you something which is ****ing awesome

    I trade this beauty for my Bc rich Kerry King KKV signature...

    Simply the perfect guitar..

    The humbuckers actually are a Gibson 500 & 498, the single is a S7, the rest is stock..

    review coming soon..


    20121018_210001 por Josefh Fernandez, en Flickr

    20121018_210011 por Josefh Fernandez, en Flickr

    20121018_210034 por Josefh Fernandez, en Flickr

    20121018_210046 por Josefh Fernandez, en Flickr

    [VIDEO]]Ibanez RG 550 |2002| JAPAN Quick Demo - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Testing the new baby!!

    Hope you like it and subscribe to my channel if you want too please!

    Another one

    [VIDEO]]Working on my alternate picking combined with string skipping - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Welcome and thats one beautiful RG550!
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    Nice vids and guitar!

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    You have excellent taste my good sir.
    Do you know what time it is? It's time to FARK SHEET ARRRRRP!!

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    Congrats, dude. That looks great.

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    Have one just like it, but put red DiMarzios in.
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