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Thread: NGD: Mayones Regius 8 MM w/ sound clip + tons of pics

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    NGD: Mayones Regius 8 MM w/ sound clip + tons of pics

    I had to put my artist pricing to good use and get myself my second Mayones 8 string and Im glad I did. I decided to get a custom 8 from their "djentlemen series". This is the Misha Mansoor model and its absolutely stunning. If your questioning getting a Mayones then trust me, they are worth it! The back of the neck finish is so incredibly smooth. Ive never felt anything quite like it. The ebony nut is pretty unique and just look at that finish!

    So Im already putting it to good use. Im using this for demos right now and will be using it for tracking my new album Im working on. Ive got Peter Charell from Trapt on bass and Im using my drummer Linden from my other band Simoom. Im writing everything myself and we aren't doing final tracking until the spring/summer. So in the meantime......

    Here's a demo rough test I put together yesterday with this thing. Drums are Slate, no bass, no leads yet, no post EQ, not mixed, one track only, basic settings. This is the first song Ive written on an 8 string and this is the first time I have tracked this song as well as the first time I have tracked with this guitar. I would hope that you have 6 minutes to dedicate to its entirety should you want to listen. Im happy with the results:

    Song 2 Rough (Mayones Regius 8 MM) by Alain Shaboon on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    11 piece maple/Mahogany/Wenge/Amazakoe neck thru
    American Basswood wings
    Ebony fretboard
    16" Fretboard radius
    Hipshot bridge
    Sperzel locking tuners
    Ebony nut
    Trans blue matte custom color
    3mm blue luminlay side dots
    Dimarzio D Activator 8's


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    That's pretty sexy

    Also, I remember Trapt having some pretty awesome bass, so I'm looking forward to that

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    Mayones makes some pretty incredible stuff.

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    Sexy, and I don't even hate the abalone binding.

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    That's beautiful.

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    Lovely, as usual!
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