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Thread: NGD! Fat Strat

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    NGD! Fat Strat

    Here's the strat I've been fawning over. I got it from a co-worker and got a hell of a deal.

    Pros: Terrific resonance, neck is smooth as silk, love that big honkin' headstock, very well balanced.

    Cons: Stock PU's suck. Not caring for the placement of the volume knob with the 'bucker in the bridge.

    Pretty sure I'm going to get a replacement pickguard, go H-S, and go 2-knob with a 3-way toggle. Other than that and some straplocks, I'm gonna' keep it the same.

    For the new pickguard, I'm thinking I may have a custom-job made with a maple veneer to match the heastock. Something to distinguish it from the rest.
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    Congrats man, fat strats are awesome.

    I'm debating getting a second H/S guard for mine as well, one volume knob in the tone spot and away we go.
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    Have you checked Warmoth for a new pickguard? Not sure if they have what you want. I did something similar - took a regular Strat & changed it to a hum-single w/ a pearloid pickguard (I need to take pictures sometime & post them). Got my pickguard from Warmoth for ~$28 I think.

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    That's a big headstock! I have seen some Strats with that big one and others with a smaller version. Is that just a style difference?

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    That's known as the "CBS era" Strat headstock. I personally can't stand it, but some people really like it.

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    I love the HB in the bridge on those guitars and they're super comfortable to play.


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    Now be a good boy and put a non recessed floyd and a JB on it.
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    As far as a pickguard, I think I'm going to go with a flame maple veneer version that B. Hefner makes (photo below), but in an H-S config, to match the headstock.

    I think I'm gonna' stick with the stock trem for now and install some tone blocks, but a non-recessed floyd does sound tempting down the road when I get unhappy with it.

    Still on the fence with pickup choice, though.

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