NGD - Daemoness Cimmerian 'Singularity' 7

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Thread: NGD - Daemoness Cimmerian 'Singularity' 7

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    NGD - Daemoness Cimmerian 'Singularity' 7

    After waiting for almost 18 months, i finally got this beauty in my hands.

    After playing it for a few days, i think i'm sold on Dylan's neck-profile design. I love the way it plays, and the way it sounds through my rig. The craftsmanship is impeccable. Dylan is truly an artist. The stain on the quilt looks a million times better in person. The inlay is gorgeous. This is EXACTLY what i wanted and i couldn't have been happier. Also, this is my first guitar with the Hipshot bridge, i've always had floating tremolos, but i never really used them. I liked the way floating tremolo designs affected my right-hand muting technique, and the Hipshot feels the same, so it's another WIN for me. The Black Hawks are a beautiful set. Again, exactly what i wanted where tone is concerned. Not too focused on a single range of tones, but packs a mean punch in the metal-department as well.

    Dream Guitar 1 - Acquired!


    PS: I'm extremely sorry for the humungous pictures!

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    There it is! I've seen that inlay to many times on Facebook. Anyway congrats for finally getting the guitar, it's a beauty for sure!

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    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Congrats!
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    Dat top
    man he does such nice work. Congrats man I am jelly as hell - that is a stunning guitar.

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    That thing is gorgeous, and yes, those are HUGE pics. I've had them loading for 3-4 minutes now, on a pretty decent connection, and they're still going.

    Personal taste, perhaps, but I would much rather have one of Dylan's guitars (with a Floyd :wub) than a Blackmachine.
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    That's truly beautiful. Congratulations.

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    PLEASE resize those pics.
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    Damn, that is SERIOUSLY fine. Congrats and enjoy!

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