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Thread: Need a hand - pricing a '93 PRS Standard 24

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    Need a hand - pricing a '93 PRS Standard 24

    I work at a local music store (go team!), and we had a guy in today trying out a bunch of strats.

    Fun fact: not a huge tonal difference between the squier CV 50's and a 2012 MIA standard strat (the strat does sound warmer and more full, mind you).

    This customer of ours has a '93 PRS Standard 24 goldtop, with moon inlays and trem that he hasn't played in at least 5 years. He brought it in for me to try; the fretboard is filthy, but everything works and the guitar is in pretty good condition for being 20 years old. He has the QC tag for it, paid $2000 + tax new. There's some tarnishing on the bridge and a couple of finish imperfections in the back; the guitar was gigged for a few years.

    We're trying to find out what the guitar would be worth on today's market. Fleabay has one up for auction, currently at under $900 but will probably see $1500 or so at the end of the day (is my guess).

    I think it has what PRS now calls the "regular thin" profile - almost like the Gibson '59 profile, but a little slimmer. Thing plays like butter and doesn't sound too shabby. I'd be selling my US Deluxe tele (which I primarily bought for a band I'm no longer in..) and ponying up the remainder to get it.

    I'd greatly appreciate it if you guys can help me figure out it's current value. The owner has some sentimental attachment to it,and I told him if he's in no rush to sell I'm in no rush to buy.

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    In my opinion the best way to go about it is follow the one that is on ebay right now if it is in the same exact condition or very close to it. I dont know the value of a PRS so thats what I would do.
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    I'll have to check out that auction once it's completed then. One of my friends is saying around $1000 tops. He already said he wouldn't sell for that, so maybe the tele stays.

    There's no rush, which is nice.

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    Just search completed listings to get a ballpark range.

    1993 prs in Musical Instruments & Gear | eBay

    1993 Custom 22 10 Top sold for $1675. Another went for $1500 and another went for $2350. My guess is that a Standard 24 would go for $1500 TOPS.

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