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Thread: Chris Broderick's "Pick Clip"

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    Chris Broderick's "Pick Clip"


    2:55 for description.

    [VIDEO]]Chris Broderick - Chaos Theory #2 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Well thats fucking awesome. Convert the pick of your choice into a thumbpick. I like it.
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    I have one, it doesn't work well for me.
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    I bought a couple thinking they'd be good just for live use so I don't drop my picks at all. They felt a bit weird, in the end I stopped trying to use them, Couldn't do pinch harmonics with them either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max View Post
    Well thats fucking awesome. Convert the pick of your choice into a thumbpick. I like it.
    not just as a thumbpick, he invented the pick clip cause he taps using 4 fingers on his right hand plus picks wont slip out of your hand. He also mentions it helps relaxs your picking hand and it makes sense since you dont have to grip it at all just control it with your index finger and wrist.
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    It's a neat idea, but I can imagine it being a pain in the butt to use. I tend to hold the pick a little differently depending on what I'm playing at the time.

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    I've got one but if you use pics that are thicker than 1 mm, you're probably not going to get on with it very well.

    Chris - PM me your addy and I'll stick mine in the mail for you.

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