Your experience with the Schecter C1 professional?

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Thread: Your experience with the Schecter C1 professional?

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    Your experience with the Schecter C1 professional?

    I don't know if mine's a freak accident, but I got mine for $320 that one time, and mine sounds literally amazing, full rich, SO resonant, tight, mean, creamy, it literally does anything. Idk if I got lucky wood or something, Like the opposite of a 'lemon', you know what I mean? It could also be my first JB/59 combo in a while, but I'm pretty sure any pickups would sound good in this.
    @others with this guitar, does yours sound awesome?

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    I got the C1 amateur. Found it a little rude and quite lazy TBH.

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    THAT's BECAUSE IT'S NOT "PROFESSIONAL". Kidding. Like I said. For the cash I paid, this is either a freak accident, or Schecter's wood choice has drastically changed since the plywood crap Damien FR I bought six years ago.
    Was that mahogany w/ JB/59?

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    I don't own a C1 Professional, but I think I've played one before (I think that's one of the ones Chris has owned over the years), and by and large I've been pretty happy with all of the Schecters I've owned or played. They were one of the first Korean lines to really impress me - in particular, I've always thought their fretwork was hands down better than anything else in their price range.
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    A few years ago when I was checking out amps while traveling on the road for work I had discovered by trial and error that when choosing a guitar off the wall to test an amp with that the C-1 series in general was a go to guitar for consistant playability and sound. I didnt know much about them but after this happening over and over I finally got a C-1 Blackjack (without all the ornate BS) as a beater guitar to keep the miles off my Wolfgang and 750XL...well it more than held its own and has become a comparable guitar not a beater at all. It is IN TUNE all the way up the neck and doesnt go out of tune unless absolutley beat upon and the action and sound is great. cant believe what you get for the money. My buddy is selling a C-1 Hellraiser with TOM bridge and his rings loud and clear just like mine..Im having a hard time not buying it.

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