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Thread: NGD - KXK Guitars Scale 7 (vid inside, as usual)

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    NGD - KXK Guitars Scale 7 (vid inside, as usual)

    So it was that, after a 2 year wait, I received an email from Rob stating my guitar was ready. Balance was paid, holiday season was happening and I was treated by a lovely wait that resulted in me only being able to pick it up recently. Here are a few pics of her before the video, review and whatnot.

    Here she is in her beginnings. You can see the large maple neck section and the mahogany wings I asked for. Inlay jobs were done already in this pic.

    I asked for red. All over the place. Blood hued metallic red. Not a problem for Rob, who took care of making the relevant hardware red as requested.

    When you open your email and this jumps out, you know it's time for a change of pants.

    Here's the back, showcasing the typically huge KxK neck heel - you can actually fret the bridge pickup on this thing!

    Baby's home. Look how the deep metallic red looks awesome even without natural light (maybe because it was 9PM natural light wasn't really an option).

    Full body shot.

    Sexy red ass!

    Red Sperzels - perfect match!

    Since I'm preparing stuff for NAMM (leaving tomorrow to London and from there to L.A.) I didn't have a lot of time, but I managed to take a few hours to record a vid with it and my trusty Jaden Rose JHM (got to take the chances of using it in videos where she won't simply shit all over the other guitars), and they worked fantastic together.

    [VIDEO]]Fred Brum - Toolshed (KxK Scale 7 - Jaden Rose JHM) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Specs are simple:
    - maple neck-thru body, mahogany wings
    - 25,5" - 27" scale, maple board with nice jumbo frets with Rob's usual flawless fretwork;
    - custom machined bridge, Sperzel tuners, matching the body colour;
    - custom pickups wound by Rob, with matching bobin toppers;

    She sounds big and very clear, with the pickups delivering medium output compared to what one might expect, with a tone quite reminiscent of gibbie types without the mush - modernised PAF's, in a way, and the whole instrument is very resonant and alive. Comfort is phenomenal, with a fantastic neck profile akin to the KXKs out there and great fretwork giving it almost a worn-in old UV kind of vibe. Tonal balance is one of the greatest strengths, and I fiddled with styles ranging from in-your-face metal to old school R'n'B without ever feeling I was stretching it or using the "wrong" guitar.

    tl;dr - this is yet another demonstration of why KXK has my favourite neck-thru axes to date, and the consistency is something Rob has every right to be proud of.
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    And now I'm saving every penny for a KxK.

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    Just gorgeous.

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    fuckin' beautiful guitar fred!
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    Dat finish/fretboard combo gorgeous.

    I'd love to try a fanned fret guitar some time, since I want 27" on the wound strings but enjoy 25.5 for the highs.

    Sexy beast, good sir.
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    Re: NGD - KXK Guitars Scale 7 (vid inside, as usual)

    Holy Fuck dude that looks sick. All that red and the maple board!

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    Fuck yes.

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