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Thread: Help with a new 7 stringer

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    Help with a new 7 stringer

    So I've been planning to buy a seven string guitar in the near future once I sell my current VMNT.

    It's going to be my first seven string guitar, so I'm not really experienced on that matter. Though, I've done LOADS of research to find a good guitar (preferably custom made) to satisfy my needs and be in my budget range.

    Styles I play:

    - "djent"
    - metalcore/instertrandommetalgenrecore
    - tech/prog death (gojira, opeth, the faceless, you know where I'm heading)

    Guitar brands I've had in mind:

    - Carvin (very nice craftsmanship, seducing finishes, versatile pickups, low prices)
    - Strictly 7: got loads of feedback on those, equally negative and positive, so I really don't know what to think about these guys
    - KxK: just wow. the stuff I've seen is extremely amazing. though I have no idea what they cost
    - Ibanez: my last choice really. I hate "mainstream" brands.
    - PRS: the only 7 string is an SE?

    My budget: $1500-$1800


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    Go out to play and test the shit out of a bunch, then you'll see what suits your needs

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    Buy a mainstream brand. If you don't know what you want, don't waste your time and money on a custom. It will either be above your price range, or it won't live up to your expectations, and either way, expect to wait at least a year.

    Carvin isn't really custom, so they're a good option, but they're harder to sell if you don't like what you got.

    A brief summary of the options available in/around that price range:

    -thin necks
    -25.5" or 26.5" scale
    -will usually need new pickups (though some of the new offerings actually come with decent stock pickups)
    -basswood mostly, though a few Mahogany

    -thin necks mostly (IIRC)
    -25.5" or 27" scale
    -usually come with decent pickups stock
    -mahogany mostly (IIRC)

    -thicker necks
    -longer scale length
    -decent stock pickups

    -thin necks (but not as thin as Ibanez?)
    -EMGs are the only stock pickups in 7s IIRC

    PRS SE-7
    -not yet available

    There's a few others out there, too. They'll all be roughly similar quality in that price range, you just have to pick the one that sounds, feels, and looks right for you.

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    $1800 also gets you a used EBMM JP7 I think
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    Wirelessly posted ()

    Quote Originally Posted by budda
    $1800 also gets you a used EBMM JP7 I think
    That sounds right, and those are excellent.

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    With the new 7 strings from jackson and Ibanez alone you have a ton of options available to you.

    I recommend looking into the Jackson DKA7 or the Ibanez RG7421 (new one not the old one).

    Jackson FSR Pro Series DKA7 Dinky Electric Guitar - Satin White

    If you need something faster definitely look else where these just came out and wont be available for a month or 2 depending on how many people order them.

    Since this is your first 7 string I would do just like eleven59 suggests.
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    dude., look into Schecter!!! I tried out both their 7-string and 8-string Hellraiser series, it's juts plain SICKKK! don't outrule them!!!
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    I know you arn't really keen on a Ibanez but i picked up my RG1527z for under your budget with some aftermarket pickups and it is a amazing instrument Cannot comment on the others as i have not tried them.

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