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    Music Man JP13

    [VIDEO]]NAMM 2013 - Ernie Ball - John Petrucci - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Looks like all the other ones, except with a preamp.
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    Wirelessly posted ()

    Quote Originally Posted by Josh
    Looks like all the other ones, except with a preamp.
    Mahogany neck and custom pickups seem new.

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    What's funny to me is that the neck radius and fingerboard wood have gone back to Ibanez "standard": 17" and rosewood.

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    only thing I like about it is the color but the JPXI is just such an awesome guitar.
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    Buy it, buy it, this one is best! LOL man, we know that JP27 will be the best one.

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    The 13 has new Dimarzio's designed to work with the preamp. I'm sure they will eventually end up the new JP sig pickups just as the CL/LF and the new Luke pickups did. All the JPX series have had the mahogany neck. I prefer the ebony board and 20" radius, but I will likely attempt to add the 13 to the stable. I love the color.

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    I really like the original BFR and the X quite a bit. 12 is pretty awesome as well.

    But I am looking forward to see how the 13 plays.
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