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Thread: The Sabre Guitars Workshop Update Thread!

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    The Sabre Guitars Workshop Update Thread!

    Hi guys, this thread is a continuation of my "introduction" thread. Hope that's ok. Seemed like this was a better place to put it!

    Just a quick post with some workshop shots from this month! Its been a great few weeks training up my new assistant, taking delivery of some incredible wood and putting the finishing touches to a very unique guitar!

    First a bit of wood.......

    I'm calling this Redwood Lace Burl Drop Top "Hellfire" and I've got two other almost identical tops. This colour is completely natural no stain added, just a quick rub of oil.

    You can even see a natural "Skull" in the figure as a result of the bookmatch.

    Bastogne and Claro Walnut tops, plus another redwood lace burl!

    Talking of getting wood.... I've been working on the Multiscale Signature 6 string Wraith for Carl Johnston. Lead Guitarist of British Electro-Metallers ESO who've just come off tour with Marilyn Manson.

    you can check out their latest stuff here:

    Really Cool Finish going on the CJM-103 requires some serious taping up!

    Assembling the neck:

    After stain, Before Burst.....

    Oh - and the back. Black Walnut

    Polishing Begins..... There's flat and then there's FLAT!

    I don't scrape my PRS style binding. I tape and seal it off before staining so its razor sharp like this:

    Almost Done! This baby's getting the unique set of BKP slanted 6 string Painkillers a few posts up from here.

    And test fitting the pickups:

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    Good god that piece of wood...

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    I know right!!!

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    Killer looking stuff there man.

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    cheers dude, just trying to spread the word a bit!

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    Man, that black walnut back is gorgeous.

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    Gorgeous work!
    I play Suhrs, not poor people guitars. -Chris

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    That doesn't even make sense

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