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Thread: Need help on buying a guitar

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    Need help on buying a guitar

    This is my first official post on this forum so here it goes.

    I've been playing an acoustic for 2 weeks and it's pretty basic yet boring. The only reason why I'm playing an acoustic is because I was told that it would help develop finger strength and calluses and would get me started on learning the basics of a guitar. I gave myself a goal of 6 months to play this acoustic then advance towards an electric but the more I think about it I just want the damn electric right now since that's what I REALLY want to play. Gives me more motivation and desire to play and pursue my goals

    So in my search of the perfect axe I've recently tested a charvel desolation guitar with SD blackouts and an LTD with EMG pups. I'm looking into brands such as ESP, Ibanez, Schecter and now this Charvel. I don't know how reputable Charvel is in the hard rock/metal scene but from the impressions I liked the finish especially on the neck where it's just sanded down wood instead of a oily paint coat. The customer service rep ran both guitars through a Fender Mustang III 100w amp and it sounded nice especially with the presets he was playing with. I don't know if this amp is worth the time and money to explore in the metal genre.

    I ain't in any rush to buy an electric so that gives me all the time I need to make an informed and expensive decision. I'm setting my budget near a solid $1000 with guitar and amp but can go a little higher or lower if the axe or amp gives me the best bang for my buck.

    Reminder: I'm on an island so guitar selection seems limited as I've seen so far.

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    I've never understood the whole, "Start on acoustic first" mentality. If anything, the difficulty (and pain!) of playing a steel string acoustic probably discourages more people from playing. Having a guitar you WANT to play goes a lot further when you're just starting out, because you can bond with the instrument more, thus play more, and progress faster.

    If you can, try and find something you like used. If it's bang-for-the-buck you're after, buying new will put you at a disadvantage with your budget. $1000 is a healthy amount to start with, and you can get a VERY good used Japanese Ibanez and a decent amp for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darren View Post
    $1000 is a healthy amount to start with, and you can get a VERY good used Japanese Ibanez and a decent amp for that.
    Going to hijack this a bit because I'm curious: What models would you suggest looking for specifically? I see the RG550 mentioned a fair bit, wondering if there's other things I should be keeping an eye out for as well.

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    The 'start on an acoustic' advice is usually given by old fogies.

    Get yourself a nice Japanese guitar by all means - I don't subscribe to the 'you have to own shit guitars before you get good ones' mentality. Good guitar = good learnin'.

    I think a Charvel Pro Mod would be fine for a learner and it'd last you forever!
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    Charvel are great, and deserve more credit than they get for crafting awesome metal riffage, since most people see them now in old pictures and assume they are Jacksons.

    That said, getting something used is always a great way to save some coin, but with a budget of 1k it doesn't matter much, except that you can get a seriously bitching guitar off the bay or craigslist if you know what you're looking for. However, taking into account that you're a new player, some of the things that an old hand would look for in a used instrument would probably slip by you, such as fret wear and level, neck warping, and tuning stability. I would buy new and bring a guitar playing friend with you to the shop who knows what to look for, just to tell you if it's a good player and not a good brand, because that should be your decision.

    I would personally buy new, since you are a newer player and it's more likely to be a decent guitar that wont need a refret or some upgrade as long as you spend the money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgjackson View Post
    Going to hijack this a bit because I'm curious: What models would you suggest looking for specifically? I see the RG550 mentioned a fair bit, wondering if there's other things I should be keeping an eye out for as well.
    RG550 is a very popular choice. As far as 7 strings go it's hard to beat the older MIJ RG7620/RG7420. You get a lot of guitar for the money.
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    I also don't agree on the "start on an acoustic" idea.

    My advice & you'll hear this from others: if you have a local instrument store, try a bunch of guitars out. Necks vary widely from brand to brand. You'll be constantly having your hand on the neck so see if one fits your hand better. I went from playing a Kramer for years (more of a rounded, Fender-y back of the neck) to an Ibanez. It freaked me out the first time I tried an Ibanez - the neck shape is completely different.

    But see what feels good neck-wise. It doesn't hurt to ask for help from the salespeople but remember - you're the one paying for it. Don't worry about name brands or people's comments that "this brand sucks" or "this neck is baseball-bat thick". If you enjoy it you'll want to play it more and more.

    Also think about if you want a Floyd Rose-style guitar or one with a fixed bridge. Big difference between the two (as far as what you can do on either one, plus how hard/easy it is to change strings, retune, etc.).

    If you go with fixed bridge you'll have to think about the type of bridge. Usually there is either a Tune-O-Matic style or a flatmount type bridge. For me the flatmount feels good on my palm but the TOM feels weird. That's just me.

    Good luck with your search & your learning. Feel free to come back & ask for advice. We're all learning to some degree.

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    If i'm buying new and its an Ibanez RG series guitar or an LTD 1000 both with a fixed bridge and fast neck what would be a solid choice? price range 500-700$.

    Also I'm hearing really good things about a Peavey Vypyr 60 tube amp in comparison to a Fender Mustang III. Line 6 Spiders I hear are also great. Those are my top 3 choices for amps but I'm not sure which one would offer more versatility and one being a tube and the rest a solid state.
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