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Thread: NGD: Mayones Regius Gothic 6M

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    NGD: Mayones Regius Gothic 6M

    Hey all!

    Finally! She's here! My Mayones Regius Gothic 6M!

    Photos and videos flying around over the web cannot be compared to seeing the actual thing in front of your eyes. Because, upon opening that black Hiscox case of exceptional quality, my jaws dropped down to the ground......literally!!! "How can an instrument that is real be so incredibly well made?" Was my very first thought. So, I couldn't resist posting here my impressions about this guitar as well (and pics of course).

    What can I say? What should I talk about first? Should I talk about that unreal black mat paint job? Should I talk about the finest body top selection I have personally seen in front of me? Should I talk about detail or craftsmanship? Nah... whatever I say in words will actually be poor compared to what I have in front of me right now. Besides all that, IT SOUNDS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!

    I'm in f$%&ing LOVE with that beast!



    Specs are:

    Mahogany wings
    Ash top
    11-ply neck Maple-Mahogany-wenge-Amazokoe
    Ebony Fretboard 16" radius
    Bareknuckle Coldsweat Bridge/ Nailbomb Neck
    3-way switch, push-pull
    Schaller Hannes Bridge
    Monolith black mat body top
    Transparent black mat on body back and neck back
    Sperzel Locking tuners

    I have to say, the Coldsweat bridge (ceramic) with the Nailbomb neck (alnico) came out to be a superb combo for the mahogany body!! Also, I asked specifically for this body top grain pattern and they nailed it!!

    Here are the pics:

    I'm in f$%&ing LOVE with that beast!


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    Very nice.

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    Big pics much?

    Congrats, it's beautiful!
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    Now I gotta clean the drool off my keyboard, lol, f'n beautiful man!

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    That thing is amazing ! I would love to try one of these.

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    Awesome looking guitar! Simple & effective, perfect.

    There's a store not too far from me that carries these, I really need to try a few of them out next time I go.

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    Great looking guitar! Congrats!

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