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Thread: Jackson USA Broderick 7!

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    Jackson USA Broderick 7!

    Pretty epic NGD! I've wanted one of the Jackson USA Broderick 7's for the longest time and by the time I had made up my mind, I literally couldn't find a dealer that had one in stock in the trans-white finish over quilted maple. Turns out my wife's cousin works for FMIC so not only was he able to shake one loose for me but I got the family hook-up on it as well! This thing is incredible, Jackson USA is on top of their game!

    Gorgeous guitar, the offset soloist 7 shape is very ergonomic and it plays incredibly well, plus all of the nice touches like the recessed controls and quilted maple binding make for a seriously incredible guitar! I'm heading down to visit Ryan next month so we'll put together some clips soon!

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    ...... Congrats dude.
    He conquers who endures. -Persius

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    Jackson USA Broderick 7!

    Looks disgusting, send it to me so I can dispose of it.

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    I seriously hate you... Gratz on the sick axe man.
    I play Suhrs, not poor people guitars. -Chris

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    I know they're not the most popular Jackson guitar around these parts, but I think they're gorgeous. That trem looks comfortable as fuck, too.

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